Afghani Earrings & Anklets-: The Irresistible Charm

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Have you heard about Afghan jewelry? You must have. From US to India, all the jewelry lovers of the whole world have gone crazy about Afghan jewelries. Do you want to know why? Then read on

Afghan jewelries, also known as Kuchi jewelry wereoriginated from the Kuchi nomads in Afghanistan. Kochis or Kuchis are Afghan nomads primarilyfrom the Ghilji tribal confederacy. Afghan jewelries or Kuchi jewelry because of their beautiful intricate work, mesmerizing stone inlays and absolute gorgeousness is aworld-wide craze now. 

Well, India is not far behind. One single day has notgone by when we have not spotted a lady proudly wears a jewelry piece verysimilar to those traditional Afghan jewelries. In India, the Afghan jewelriesavailable are mostly made up of German silver or enamel inlay.

It’s like a boon to all the lazy bugs!! With not much to do, just wear that one piece and that’s it, you will absolutely look like a fashionistaIt’s the best way to oomph up your outfit. No matter what you wear, whether it’s a shirt or a denim jacket or any ethnic outfit just adding a statement earring will do the job.Here, you can see some gorgeous Afghan earrings. Whether extravagant or simple they always manage to catch all your attention.

Anklets for your pretty ankles

One of the jewelry accessories that have practically never gone out of style are anklets. Even though they are not prevalent or mainstream, they can surely give a unique look and class wherever you go. A lot of women feel that anklets are tacky and are not meant for everyday wear, which is not at all true because some of the anklets are very simple yet unique that makes them look classy when you wear them.

Your legs and ankles are one of the most attractive parts of your body, which is why you must try to make them appear beautiful and stylish, rather than tacky and inappropriate. Always choose the best and the most stylish pair of anklets, more importantly the ones which suits your ankles and give your ankles the treat they deserved with gold -plated anklets!

Got pretty& beautiful feet? Make sure you show them off with dainty& stylish anklets. Worn with cropped pants, skirts, or any other Indian outfit, beaded anklets add a quirky and feminine charm to your look. Especially when you wear a single anklet, in bohemian designs, it will catch all eyes within seconds.

Have a look at some of the amazing collection of anklets online that will surely turn all the heads when you walk wearing them in any party.

Whether you like to follow the trend or not but you must have few of these gorgeous pieces in your closet. They not only bring those thousand years old Kuchi or Pashtun craftsmanship alive but are very versatile and time-tested designs which will never go out of fashion. They for sure will be in-trend for next few years too.


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