The next step towards future- e-learning

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Something that can help us does our work more easily, study at a very relaxed manner and also get a lot of help from the internet-  this all sums to be known as E-learning. The change from actual learning to e-learning has helped a lot of people as it just requires a device that you will work on and an internet connection and every second person today has internet connection. Also e-learning is comparatively cheap, easily accessible and can be used by people of any age group.
 To talk about a good company in terms of e-learning, we have Esleave, which is a web-based company that allows creators to present their content. It provides people with great content as it is a big platform for content creators to write their content.
 It is also the most advanced version of e-learning authoring tools and content authoring tools as E-sleave uses HTML 5 that is the most advanced internet software in today’s time. It’s also very versatile with its usage in every screen possible from i-pads to mobile phones to desktops.
 All students can access the content in here as per their convenience and comfort and by also not downloading any particular app and by not giving any money in the form of “ fees “ to any one. This place happens to be a perfect example of a give and take where people give their knowledge and people in need read their content. 
In this article we will separately see about what is e-learning authoring tools and what is content authoring?
Authoring tool is basically a software based package that allows users to create their content and deliver it to end user, those are the people in need of these contents. Authoring tool also helps in making content creation through e-learning comparatively very easy and convenient so that anybody can access it. It also helps in uploading the content created by creators and slotting them together in a well-organized manner. 
You can also segregate your content into different sub- headings so that is easy for users to choose the content whatever they require. Now authoring is mainly of two types:
·         Power point plug – in: This is very easy to explain and be used. As the name says, it is related with power point slides. So it creates contents by converting power point slides into clearing units, that means that someone’s input power point is being converted into easy content ( in a paragraph way)  and then anyone can see it.

·         Specialist authoring tools: If you want an authoring tool that can simplify anything, than this is the authoring tool you are looking for. It creates content that is optimized for a particular purpose. For instance, a mobile phone recovery. Just search as mobile phone recovery and you will get as you want.
By using Esleave you can access all these tools very easily and help yourself in any ways you want and also if you someone who wants to present their content than Esleave is the right place.


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