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Muslim Clothing Items That People Wear To Look Beautiful And To Cover Their Bodies

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There a numerous number of Muslim clothing items that Muslims wear to cover their bodies and to protect their bodies from different types of weather. Some of the Muslim clothing is mentioned below with a brief description:

1. Kaftans: This is one of the oldest forms of Muslim dress that worn by people from past so many years ago.

1.           This is a dress that can be worn by both men and women to hide or cover their bodies. This dress is the most suitable dress to protect your body from cold weather.

2.           This is a robe-like long dress which the full body of the person except the head and feet’s. In olden days this type of dress was worn by the king of Mughal Empire but know it is used by people as a fashionable item or to protect from the cold environment.

3.           This is one of the best types of Muslim dress that can be fitted according to the size of the person and is very much comfortable and hot to prevent the person from cold weather.

2. Abayas: Abayas is a Muslim dress which is very much longer in length like a Kaftan. This is a dress which is usually black and white in color.
1.           This is a dress which Muslim and Islamic women wear to cover their bodies fully. Only the hands, feet, head and face are not covered by this dress.
2.           Nowadays, this is a dress that is worn by women as a fashionable item that’s why it is available in so many other colors also.
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3. Ombrey: This is also a women clothing item that is worn by women from past so many years ago.
1.           From the time of Mughal Empire, women wear this Ombrey during the prayer times to show and give respect towards their culture and religion.

2.           This is a piece of cloth that women wear on their heads instead of caps like men during prayer time.

3.           This is a cloth item that women wear in presence of any male member near them also as because this clothing item covers the head of women properly.

4.           This type of clothing items is sometimes worn by the women for their own privacy also.

4. Burkha: This is also a dress that women of Islamic and Muslim culture wear for their own privacy and to hide in presence of other male members near them other than their husband.

1.           Burkha is also a long dress that women wear for their own privacy. This is a dress which fully covers the body of a woman except for the feet.

2.           This dress is attached with an Ombrey or hijab from the top that helps women to cover their heads and face also.

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