Should Parents Consider Boarding School Admissions For Their Children?

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Schools play a very important role in a student’s life. Just a few years after birth to the age of 18, they are the only source of knowledge and education. They help in carving a personality out of the students, create a man out of a boy.

But the schools are responsible for only half of the duties, the other half must be fulfilled by the parents, in order for the children to have a healthy growth.

Though nowadays, in most families, both the parents have a 9 to 5 job, hence no time to look after their children, listen to their problems and fulfil their needs.

This brings the parents to choose one of the two options, one, to do a job with more relaxed timings and focus on the children but this is not always possible since there is always the shortage of jobs and equally the need of a high-end job to survive in a metro city.

This brings them to the second option, to send their kids to someplace which will take care of them 24/7 and they can come home on weekends, or in short, a boarding school.

The boarding school admissions process in which one basically gets admitted in a school with sleeping accommodations and other facilities to fulfil day to day needs of children.

Other than teaching, faculties are also responsible for the social and physical development of students outside the school. It has both advantages and disadvantages, and one can consider whether to send their children to boarding school or not only after knowing the both. So, let’s start with the benefits.

Benefits of Boarding School Admissions

#1.First and the foremost reason why parents prefer it is because it takes the full responsibility of the students and makes sure they are never vulnerable or in any danger.

#2.Boarding schools are also very strict in matters of discipline, this makes students more punctual and tidier.

#3.Since the school monitors the whole day, it prepares a proper routine for the students so they can get enough time for participation in sports, arts and drama etc. This helps greatly in character development of the kids.

#4.The whole purpose of the boarding school admission consultants is to give students the attention they crave, so the kids never feel left out in anything and share their thoughts, ideas etc.

These were some of the benefits, now let’s talk about the drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Boarding School Admissions
#1.While the school fulfils the mental and physical needs, it really can’t do anything about the emotional needs of the students. Some kids are really attached to their parents and living away from them can distract them from the studies.

#2.Unlike at home where kids know restrictions are for their own safety, in the hostel, it feels more like a jail sentence, hence making the kids rebellious in nature.

#3.They don't have enough faculties to especially look after each student. This can lead to the child having bad company and going unnoticed.

These are the various advantages and the disadvantages of being brought up in a boarding school. Only the parents know what their child’s needs, the situation he is currently in and if he can deal with that kind of environment or not. Hence, only they are responsible for choosing their kids future and not others.


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