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Storage Facilities to Store Valuables

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Big or small, heavy or light storage facilities promise to take proper care of varied storage needs. One should go for a storage house that suits his needs and budget. One can simply browse through the great line-up at a storage facility and check out the products that suit his style. Customers can also get moving storage and mobile supplies and packing materials, such as bubbles wraps, and tapes, at the same place. There is a storage space for yachts, RVs, vehicles, furniture, golfing equipments, and books.

Online Accounts

Storage facilities are an easy and secure way to keep the belongings safe and secure. In fact, almost every self storage building also offers the facility of extended hours for customers to access their storage units on all days of the week. To open an account, one simply has to request a quote, and an executive will get in touch with him. Customers can even manage their account, make bill payments, and reserve a storage facility online. In fact, if the customers do not want to vacate their account or do not notify the warehouse people that they want to vacate, they also will have an option of automatic payment, where rent will be deducted automatically from their account. Payments can be made in cash, by check, or through a credit card.

How To Get Started?

An individual can find storage units clearwater facilities online by entering his zip code, city, or state address. One can book units at self storage warehouses and pay bills anytime and anywhere from his cell phone also. If an individual is not too tech-savvy, he can just pick up the phone and call up any toll-free number of moving storage services and book his storage or get assistance from a customer care representative.

The next step is to choose storage facilities near one's home, workplace, or anywhere else. Visit any moving and storage warehouse and choose the one that fits the size of your belongings. Standard sizes range from 5'x5' to 20'x30' and are about 8' high. However, there may be smaller or larger sizes than these. But the important thing is to find the size that fits your belongings.

Most of the warehouses are open on all days and can be accessed by members anytime of the day. However, people often get confused between office hours and gate hours. Office hours are the hours of operation when a facility manager is available to assist the customers with their storage needs. On the other hand, gate hours are the hours in which a rental unit can be accessed anytime (at most of the facilities) using the assigned electronic gate code.

What Can Be Stored?

Customers are generally allowed to store any harmless, non-toxic material and preservatives in the facility. Personal belongings, furniture, bikes, overstocked retail wares can also be stored at storage facilities. People are not allowed to sleep in these units.