How Do I Control Hair Loss And Simultaneously Increase Hair Growth

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We all lose hair every day and every time while we are sleeping, bathing or combing our hair and we do not get worried at all. Hair fall is a throughout the life process. Hair automatically falls off when they die. Normally all humans lose 80 -100 strands each day and regrow naturally. It becomes a matter of concern when hair starts falling beyond normal and the problem cannot be ignored. We try to find measures how to control hair fall. There are many reasons for hair loss like our lifestyle, diet, stress, products we use on hair colouring, natural causes, genetics, age, drinking & smoking etc.

Here are a few steps to control hair fall

Eating right: Our body is a machine and food, just like we read in our childhood, provides the power to run it. Food affects our overall health and it is not an exception as skin our hair needs proper nutrient to stay alive and grow abundantly. A good diet provides all the necessary nutrient in proper portions in order to fix all hair related issues such as hair fall and slow rate of hair growth. There are many foods that play vital roles in contributing towards healthy scalp and fast growing hair.

Nutrients are to be taken in combinations for results that are provided by varieties of foods. Proteins vitamins, sulphur, zinc, calcium, iron, fatty acids, etc. are unavoidable. Foods like spinach or any green leafy vegetable, nuts, milk and its product, eggs, salmon, berries, sweet potatoes, few seeds, and fruits strengthen hair roots.

Also, when the hair lacks moisture, split ends forms and becomes brittle and with no hydration, it may stop growing. Moreover, hydrated roots eliminate the problem of dandruff.

Stress & less sleep: Stress causes less sleep and it affects our health to a great extent. Our body regenerates while we are asleep so the amount of energy decline hampering into energy release. Stress relieving programme helps to revive our health and its impact fall directly on hair problems.

Washing too often: There is no denying that a clean scalp encourages healthy hair but shampooing every day makes the scalp dry as it disturbs the secretion of natural oils. Selecting a suitable shampoo and conditioner is a must factor in order to decrease hair fall. Moreover, we should shampoo our hair twice in a week and if the scalp is extremely oily, go for a third wash.

Oiling: Oiling hair increases blood circulation in scalp proving nutrients and moisture to hair roots at the same time.getting hot oil massage every week helps to restore its health and beauty. Varieties of oils are available with their unlimited profits such as coconut, olive, castor, almond etc followed by a few essential oils fixes all hair related issues in no time. Warm oils penetrate into hair roots unblocking hair follicle and regrowing new. It keeps flakes aside provides nutrients and keeps the scalp disease free stopping hair fall.

Juice miracles: Applying onion, garlic, ginger juice stops hair fall with its antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial properties and simultaneously stimulating blood supply to scalp resulting in fast hair growth. The anti-inflammatory ingredients unclog hair roots and nourishing it thoroughly promoting hair growth and nourishes scalp stopping hair fall.

Avoiding alcohol and smoking: Whatever we eat or drink it leaves an impact on health in taking toxic decreases blood supply of scalp leading to hair fall and stopping its growth.

Hair loss and hair regrowth is a very simple method if we restrict ourselves to healthy eating and avoiding unfavourable methods that affect our hair, mind, and body which works with each other.


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