How Should You Plan Out Before Making The Deal With Office Furniture Distributor?

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Office furniture is one of the elementary aspects that not only affects the culture of workspace but also affects the productivity of the employees. A good office must be one where people will not only enjoy working all around the day but the furniture of the place must be selected and designed with care and close attention so that the employees are best comfortable and they do not develop health problems like muscle pain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel etc over a period of time.

Hence there has to be a specific plan ready before you start dealing with an office furniture distributor. In the course of this article, we will be taking a look at the basic guide that you can follow while doing business with these partners.

Types Of Furniture You Require – The best way to begin dealing with an office furniture distributor is to make an estimate of the kind of requirement that you have. Remember an office requires different furniture items like chairs, desks, cupboards, cabinets, conference tables and so on. Within a single category, you can require differentiations like different types of chairs for a single office.

Varieties That They Can Provide – Once you are ready with the list of items that you will require ask the office furniture distributor what are the items that they can provide. A good distributor will be able to serve you as a single window solution for the different items that you will need.

What Will Be The Billing Process – Try to find out about the type of billing process that the office furniture distributor will follow. Always go for a billing process that will be done on a monthly basis and after serving a certain stipulated time period. This is how you will be sure of the quality that you are paying for.

Will They deliver At Your Doorsteps – delivery is one of the biggest problems that a company faces. Hence insist to your distributor that they need to deliver the item to your doorsteps. There can be an occasional variation in this arrangement but as a rule, they need to deliver and that too free of cost. This is the least that they can do for a long term relationship.

Quality Control Recognition – Always go for an office furniture distributor who has quality control recognition such as an ISO certification. This is how you will be sure about the authenticity of the company as a whole.

What Will Be The Cost For Bulk Orders – Generally bulk orders calls for a drop in the stipulated price. Always make the initial order in bulk this is how you can cut down on the individual cost brackets.

Will They Replace And Repair – Always ask the distributor to repair and replace the furniture pieces that will get worn off with time. Also, ask them for the turnaround time at which they can react and can cater to your requirement.

If you are going to deal with such distributors on a daily and regular basis then you must have a contract created for smooth operations. This will keep all sorts of hassles at bay.