Types of Tests to Determine Positive Pregnancy

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Are you noticing the early symptoms of pregnancy? Some symptoms of pregnancy can be spotted at a very early stage, without taking any kind of tests. Among these, the most prominent one is a missed period. Feeling exhausted, visiting the toilet more than often, sensitive breasts, vomiting tendency, morning sickness being the other signs that predicts pregnancy.

However, all these symptoms can also signal may other diseases, even pre- menstrual syndrome to a woman’s body. So to be clear in your mind, there are different types of pregnancy testswhich can be done either in the doctors’ clinics or at home.

Home pregnancy test/ Urine test

The most popular of all, home pregnancy test for pregnancy is conducted by testing the hCG hormone level in the urine.

There are tons of home pregnancy test kitsavailable in the market with one thing in common- the test clearly shows two pink lines or the positive sign if you have actually conceived. Some may involve holding the pregnancy test strip in the urine stream, while other may involve collecting the urine and placing it drop wise on the strip.ThehCG hormone can be found in the urine after 12-15 days of conception.

If you want to take the urine pregnancy test, do that with the first urine of the morning; it contains more quantity of the pregnancy hormone hCG.

Blood pregnancy test

This test is performed at a doctor’s clinic to determine pregnancy. If you are the one who is suspecting pregnancy it is recommended to take a blood pregnancy test to eliminate all possible doubts.Blood pregnancy testgives more accurate and precise results if compared to urine test.  Blood sample is taken by the doctor and sent for laboratory testing.

Blood test for pregnancy is done in qualitative and quantitative method. In quantitative test, the woman is not made sure of her pregnancy, but it also shows the length of her pregnancy. On the contrary, qualitative blood test is a simple test, where a simple positive or negative result comes out.
Types of pregnancydetecting tests at doctorsare not many and ranges only up to the above mentioned types- urine test, and qualitative and quantitative blood tests. Pregnancy detecting test work by detecting the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone present in the blood and urine. The female body starts making hCG once the fertilized egg implants in the uterus.

In the very early pregnancy the hormone level is low which can give false results. As the pregnancy grows, consistency of the hormone is better. That is why women are always suggested to test their very first urine of the morning while conducting a home pregnancy test. Also, one should not have water before testing the urine to detect pregnancy. This can dilute the hormone level of the blood and urine, again coming up with false results.