How Canada Immigration Services Help Refugees

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What a Refugee Is

To fully understand the Canadian Immigration Services’ refugee system, one must comprehend what a refugee is. By definition, a refugee is someone whom that finds themselves in a position where that the person must escape their countries. This fact means that the refugee is no longer safe and may be at a high risk concerning bodily harm.

There are several reasons why so many refugees decide to flee to Canada according to the Canadian Immigration Services. With the help of the Canadian Immigration Services department, well over 30,000 refugees chose to flee into Canada. The refugees all arrive at Canada’s welcoming doorway due to their own country’s failing political, financial, legal, or sociology infrastructures.

The Canadian Immigration Services takes note that every situation is unique. This reasoning is due to the refugee’s background, culture, and original country. Therefore, every refugee case and claim is different as well.

One should come to the realization that the Canadian Immigration Services recognizes immigrants and refugees as two separate terms. An immigrant is an individual that permanently moves into Canada of their own free will. Meanwhile, refugees are forced to leave their country and immediately relocate elsewhere.

Looking Through the Eyes of the Refugees

Canadian Immigration Services understand that all refugees are in dire need of help. A common reason for refugees to leave their country behind is that the refugee is attempting to flee from their government’s tyrannical nature. Or, the person is avoiding the passing harsh or unfair prosecutions upon themselves.

Canadian Immigration Services fully understands that as a result of the refugee experiencing discrimination from their government, it is most likely that the refugee has had to experience several terrifying things. There is more than a few other valid reasons for the emergency relocation of refugees. The number of refugees entering Canada is steadily increasing whilst war, poverty, and famine are on the rise in these refugees countries.

There was a creation of an annual report held by Canadian Immigration Services and Statistics Canada. This report reveals proof that the total of legalized refugees has been increasing annually in Canada. As more and more refugees escape to Canada every day in the hope that they will find a safer home.

Who Will Hear My Claim?

The Canadian Immigration Services department has several helpful programs. These programs are in place to aid refugees in escaping their countries. These aids include protection, support, as well as permanent resettlement programs.

Canadian Immigration services take in a high volume of refugee claims on a very frequent base. For simplicity's sake, refugee cases are divided into two separate categories. These cases are divided into the two groups based on refugee claims located from outside and inside Canadian borders.

The Canadian Immigration Services offers a program called the “Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program.” This program offers services for people who need protection from the outside borders of Canada. The Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program will offer an incredible amount of support to victims of their tyrannical governments.

Another program that the Canadian Immigration Services offers is named the “In-Canada Asylum Program.” This program helps people who are for people who already were forced to flee behind Canadian borders. The program offers support for those who need further protection.