Make Flexible Scheduling Work For Both- Employer And The Employees

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Employee engagement and happiness quotient is increasingly drawing the attention of the human resource department rather the happiness officers. Flexible scheduling is one of the most common changes in workplace policy. It is considered as one of the primary perks that make employees super happy. However, the employers are never seen really happy with it, especially the SME ones. They consider it as a grave productivity snatcher. 

This is where the HRs get in a tug of war and get stuck when they can’t find a midway to make this policy work for both the employee and the employer. 

Read this blog to know some ways to make the employer and employees happy with flexible scheduling.

       Make work options flexible only when it is good for the job role-
In most cases, flex work options don’t affect productivity. However, some job positions aren’t made for that. For instance, the sales team cannot be asked to work from home if there is a client presentation. So, they can be given the luxury to leave early sometimes, when they don’t have a presentation at the client’s site.
On time attendance software can track the employee attendance easily. It will make sure they complete their work hours for the rest of the days. Infact, some HR software also have the mobile app web check-in feature. The same can be used by people working from home. Ask them for EOD to track the work they have done. There you have it! Now, the employer will have no problem.
       Write the policy in the employee handbook and keep updating it-
The HR software should also have a handbook in it. In case of any concerns related to flexible scheduling, the employees can refer to it. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary escalations and tensions between the company and the employee.  Make sure you update every change you make in the flexible scheduling policy. We suggest you to revise the guide every 3 or 6 months.

       Never compromise with other work benefits-
We get that you have an ontime attendance software to track attendance and that is why you find the flexible scheduling policy very useful. But, you must not keep the employees in the dearth of other benefits. For instance, don’t cut on their leaves, their break time, cab facility, medi claim insurance or any other perk because of this. Otherwise, this will become just another reason for the employees to be disappointed with the workplace.
Lastly, you can customise your flexible scheduling policy for the various departments. So, the employees and the employer both stay happy. To keep a tab on employee work hours, work days etc, you must use an ontime attendance software. Without it, the flexibility can hamper productivity visibly. So, just in case, you are not using an HR software inclusive of the attendance module, you must begin to look for one.