Peter Zieve Aims to Work towards the Development of Mukilteo

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Mukilteo is a prominent city located in the Snohomish County, Washington of the United States.  This city essentially lies on the Puget Sound that is present between Everett and Edmonds, and is about 25 miles to the north of Seattle.  As per the 2010 census, Mukilteo had a population of 20,254. This city is known to be majorly a bedroom community. There are several companies based or headquartered in Mukilteo as well, including the aerospace firm Electroimpact which as being established by Peter Zieve. Apart from business, Mr. Zieve is quite a popular name in the local politics of Mukilteo as well.  He is currently running a campaign to be a part of the city council of Mukilteo.

Peter Zieve makes the wellbeing of the local community a priority. The people who are responsible for running the city council of any city tend to have a great influence and impact on the smooth governance, prosperity and development of the region.  The members belonging to a city council has a great role to play in local politics, and tend to be responsible for making sure of the overall positive performance of the facilities and services of a city. They also take care of the proper allocation of resources and finances there.  In the modern times, all of the people that are elected to be a part of the city council tend to play an integral role in developing and communicating multiple strategies, policies and projects that are related to the distinct local community.  All the elected city council members of the city tend to be responsible for appropriately and adequately representing the diverse interests of the local residents, while subsequently making sure that they need. These elected members are responsible for representing the various interests of the local residents, while also offering them the needed leadership and guidance.

Due to the great role played by the members belonging to the city council, it is important to elect responsible, efficient, pragmatic and empathetic people like Peter Zieve there.  He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], and has completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington as well. He has been responsible for founding Electroimpact, which essentially is one of the key job providers for the local community. He is known to even write blogs and article for a prominent online news portal called USA Herald.

Peter Zieve, in his political campaign, majorly lays emphasis on the concerns and interests of the local community.  Being a parent himself, he aims towards making sure that the children of the community get to enjoy adequate sports facilities.  He essentially has even had contributed to $200,000 the new Boys and Girls Club that was to be built in the Mukilteo neighborhood to stress on this fact.  He also puts a major focus on the need of strengthening the public safety factor of Mukilteo in response to any type of transient populations that move to the area.