Wayne Imber Focuses On the Importance of Healthy Cooking

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The phrase that people essentially are what they eat is very common. This phrase is known to hold a lot of truth to it.  As people cook and eat unhealthy dishes, they would ultimately be prone to becoming an unhealthy person. Wayne Imber underlines how the food people ingest plays a major role in defining their ability to grow, prevent illnesses and maintain proper body functions. He therefor advises people on cooking and eating as healthy as possible in order to be assured of their wellbeing and to maintain their good health.

Wayne Imber lays emphasis on preserving the nutrients of vegetables while cooking them 

Doctors and nutritionists of the world largely talk about how good nutrition is an integral element of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with regular physical activity, the diet followed by people can ideally aid them to reach and maintain a healthy weight, minimalize the risks of developing any chronic ailments, such as cancer and heart diseases, as well as promote their overall health.

Wayne Imber is a retired professional belonging to the world of teaching, not focuses on cooking new recipes that are good to taste and healthy to taste. He used to teach Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology to both graduate and undergraduate students. After retirement, he ideally spends a significant about of time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and making some of its own. He plans to publish an English cook book at some point.  It largely focuses on cooking items that are easy to make and eating dishes that are healthy to eat. He even maintains his own blog where he provides various cooking tips to his readers.

In this blog, Wayne Imber mentions the health benefits of various vegetables and hence the importance of including them into the everyday diet. However, many a times vegetables are prepared in a manner that robs them of the various vital vitamins and minerals present inside them. Keeping this factor in mind, Mr. Wayne underlines some of the ways of cooking vegetables in order to preserve the most of its vital nutrient.

Steaming, as per Wayne Imber, would ideally be the best way to cook and eat vegetables. By steaming vegetables like broccoli and asparagus people can ideally make sure that the important nutrients, enzymes, and other healthy minerals present inside them are optimally preserved.  The rule of thumb underlines that the shorter times it takes to cook the vegetables, more the amount of nutrients and victims would to be present inside it. 

Microwaving vegetables is another great way of cooking vegetables. In this method, the overall cooking time is reduced, as well the exposure of vegetables to heat and water is also quite less.  Peppers, zucchini and carrots would ideally be the best examples of microwavable vegetables.  In addition to these two, people can always opt to sauté vegetables. However, while doing so, it is advisable to regulate the cooking temperature and to use extra virgin oil.