Werner BoehmAnd His Fraudulent Activities

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It is not the first time that Werner Boehm has been the headlines for something wrong, he has been in the headlines before for various controversial activities. Earlier, Werner Boehm better known as the former CEO of the blockchain payment service, BitRush, was in the news for using deceitful ways to con the shareholders, which led to a lawsuit being filed against him.  As a result of which on December 7, 2016, the majority of the board terminated him as the CEO.

The fraudulent case against Boehm and his partners

Boehm also maintained a close relationship with two of his partners Alfred Dobias of mezzcap and Elfriede. S. It is also said that Boehm was operating from someplace in the United Kingdom which was also used to host a number of companies and Boehm himself was the CEO of a lot of these companies, obviously in partnership with the others involved in this con case.  Alfred. D and Elfriede had ties with these companies and their own companies, forming a network through which all the con activities were carried forward. Mezzcap ltd in the UK is one such registered company, which had Boehm as the managing director and Alfred as an executive.

Then a court case was filed against Mezzcap by g new team at BitRush, for Boehm's actions while he was the CEO of BitRush. Although Boehm denied all the allegations and blamed other people for carrying out money laundering services, this case continued till June 2018 when the Canadian court held Boehm guilty for being deceitful and a fraud. As a result of which Boehm was asked to pay CAD $ 560,000.00 from his other registered company Mezzcap at an exchange rate of CAD $ 0.50 per share. Moreover, he had to also pay CAD $ 225,000.00 as legal fees for the case.

Well, this is not the end and it is now expected that BitRush would impose criminal case against Boehm and his partners that were involved in the fraud and in the operation of the other registered companies, in the hope that they will face jail term for their deceit and contempt through all the false lies that they have told at BitRush and Mezzcap and other registered companies held by Boehm.

Lesson learned by the Boehm case

Werner Boehm is so good at coning that people still fall for his lies. Overall, all we can make out from his handling of BitRush is that he is deceitful. He told his shareholder's false facts and then denied them later on. Then when he was removed as the CEO, he instead of accepting his fault accused the shareholders of criminal offences and asked to report his claims to the police. 

To cut the story short, it is recommended to avoid a person like Boehm who has just been going and slipping from one court to another. Although he escaped conviction a number of times, the court finally found him guilty for misappropriate use of money and shares, for failing to stick to his agreements and for oppressive behaviour.