What are all the Benefits of Formal Education

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Since children everyone teaches us how important it is to be literate and educated. Motives and ultimate goals of education are individual, but are mainly reduced to the expansion of the existing knowledge fund and better employment according to However, it seems that the current value system has managed to bring a series of uncertainties and doubts on this topic. The loudest are those who, due to their failure, have given up their further studies or those who have never even embarked on it. So, it's becoming more and more likely to hear sentences like "That diploma won’t serve you for anything" or "You wasted your time on college when you could’ve worked."

How true is it for each one of us to evaluate, and these are just some of the reasons why formal education is important:

    A man who does not learn will never be able to progress on whomever the field of life is to speak. Just as we physically develop from a baby to a mature, grown-up man, it is also necessary to work on our intellectual development.

    The percentage of self-taught people who do not need help in acquiring knowledge and skills is extremely small. For this reason, colleges exist to motivate those less talented in their development.
    The Faculty offers you a wider picture of everything, with each new page you are richer and better, ready to think more wisely.

    When you work, your diploma, as evidence of the knowledge you have adopted, can open many doors to you. Most jobs today require possession of a diploma.

    As much as it seems to you that the job will be stolen by someone who has a "connection," that's not a reason to stop your education. The person who got the job through the "relationship" always has the limit to which he can progress, because neither the "relationship" will not help them to be permanently employed. This is not the case with an educated person, because knowledge is the only thing that remains to us.

    If what you carry from a faculty reduces only to the number of pages learned, then your study may have been futile. Quality education is much more than learned material. The college is not a course or training for a particular craft, it teaches you how to sacrifice, discipline, how to organize your time, enduring failure and preparing you for a life that does not always have to be fair.

    Everything and never get into the profession you have been educated, the probability that you will learn somewhere in the field is extremely high. At the very least, you will find yourself once in a society where they will talk about it, and you will not be a gloomy observer.

    Work on yourself through your education raises your level. You will evaluate yourself more, knowing what you have achieved.

    Because "The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows".
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