Who Suffers Most from a Divorce?

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When divorce occurs, besides partners, children experience great stress and trauma. Make sure to get in touch with us if you are in need of a legal help.

It's considered that children before the age of three can not remember, so the government believes that as children are smaller, they are less sensitive to divorce. This does not mean that divorce does not affect them and every child needs to be cautious about this matter and slowly announce it.

Certainly there will be some consequences for such a little child.Especially if the divorce was intense, full of controversy and arrogance, perhaps some kind of abuse, it would surely leave a scar on them. In spite of the fact that child development psychiatry is considered not to be remembered by children in the first three years.

According to some US research, children around the age of 11 are thought to be the most vulnerable to divorce because they have spent all the decades with their parents. Adolescents are very sensitive, because it is all too difficult for them, especially the fact that Mom and Dad will no longer be together.

Unity hardly tolerate divorce, while children with brothers and sisters are a little easier as they stick together and protect each other. When a child is the only one, it does not have anyone to share their feelings, so it is very important that I am with babies, grandfathers, aunts, ....

- Parents who decide to divorce should talk with their children, sit next to them or beside them, and not stand above them because they are small and should be at the same level with them. It's easy to say, "Mom and Dad disagree, but it has nothing to do with you. We will always love you, no matter what happens between us. You and your dad will be in the same relationship." If the children are small and are not adolescents or adults, they should not be told about the reason for the divorce, because they do not understand what someone has done here.

As children are smaller, they need to communicate their decision as simple and unnecessarily as possible. If they are older then they need more details, but the child can not prepare for such news anyway. They need to tell them slowly

Parents often decide to remain married for children. If this marriage is filled with quarrels and arguments, or a physical disagreement, it is better for parents to divorce themselves. Some research has shown that the children themselves say that it is better for Mom and Dad to divorce, to grow, rather than to stay together and to constantly quarrel.

- Women's children are thought to be more sensitive and that girls are prone to later development of depression, anxiety, withdrawal, and
so on, especially if they are in pre-puberty. If there are some stresses in that period, girls may enter puberty earlier. Especially it is difficult if the mother and daughter have a friendly relationship and the mother is talking badly about a partner that she should not.

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