Best Suspense Thriller Books Of All Time

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A good thriller novel should be like a rollercoaster, but one that has filled in tracks so that on every ascent you're not sure if you're about to plunge again or for how far. The anticipation and excitement are in the not knowing, in trying to guess, in picking up on the clues and then being shocked silly by just knowing how wrong you were.

There have been many great thrillers from Sherlock Holmes to the Hornet's Nest and each has a distinct and different approach. What they have in common though, well at least those that we would include in a list of the best suspense thriller books of all time, is that they are remembered. So here is our pick of some of the best of all time.

The Hound Of The Baskervilles

The line between crime and thriller is a thin one and whilst it's up for debate; many believe that the Sherlock Holmes series practically set the rules for any thriller novel that followed. The Hound Of The Baskervilles is universally accepted as the best book in the series and for good reason. The pacing, twists, reveal, characters, and setting are all perfect. It has a cloying, claustrophobic feel and as the story unfolds you are dragged deeper and deeper into the intrigue. For those that have never actually read Arthur Conan Doyles masterpieces, this is a great place to start.

Catching A Miracle

A good thriller should first and foremost be believable, there should be no real effort on the reader's behalf to suspend disbelief and it should exist in the shadows of the world we already inhabit. Mark Spinicelli has perfectly woven his tale into the fabric of conspiracy and the sinister organizations trying to limit and keep the everyman down. The titular character shows great spirit and ingenuity as she rallies against this on her quest to cure cancer and the reader is in her corner every step of the way. Full of interesting developments and hurdles to overcome you are taken on an uplifting if at times terrifying journey alongside her. Read more.

Gone Girl

There's a reason this book topped every bestseller list for as long as it did and that is quite simply that it's completely unpredictable, expertly written, and ultimately, completely believable. Gillian Flynn is a master of creating flawed and full characters, they are all the more relatable because they are not perfect or extraordinary, they are broken and beautiful. It's almost impossible to talk about the book in any depth without potentially given one of the thousands twisted twists away but rest assured that if any novel ever truly deserved the page-turner description, this one did, it's near impossible to put down.

Memory Man

Perhaps David Baldacci isn't quite aiming for the believability that some of the other authors on this list were but the first entry in the Amos Decker series is a perfect thriller nevertheless. Decker was a former football player who took a head injury in his first game, he quit professional football and became a cop but his injury caused some strange phenomenon such as synesthesia and hyperthymesia. After his family was brutally murdered and the case remained unsolved he became a transient understandably demon-plagued private investigator. It's hyper-realism but glorious to read and with every ounce as much thrill and intrigue as every other book on this list.