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Discuss various characteristics of pure sine wave inverter

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The job of an inverter is to convert the DC power (direct current) from the battery bank or solar panels to the AC (alternating current) energy required for the majority of appliances. For this, people must take the constant DC voltage and modify it to a sinusoidal wave curve that is higher than and less 0 volts. When the investors left for the first time, the most ordinary way to do it was to build the voltage rise and fall, produce a blocking signal. This is called a modified sine wave, which looks orange. The people can buy online sine wave inverter. The most superior modified sinusoidal waves make several steps, trying to come near a pure sine wave.

There are two kinds of waveforms accessible in high-quality inverters. These are

    Modified sine wave
    True sine wave

Characteristics of pure sine wave inverter

1.    Pure sine wave output: Absolute to the square wave or modified sinusoidal (stepped shape) has a more significant effect and load capacity. The equipment can be charged with inductive load and any additional type of general AC load, with refrigerators, televisions and radios and other tools without interference or noise, and will not influence the performance or service life of the loading equipment.

2.    High stability: Due to the system with the enhanced protection function of overvoltage, low voltage, overload, overheating, short circuit, reverse connection, etc. to guarantee the stability of the system.

4.    High-efficiency transformer insulation: high efficiency, low loss without load.

5.    Intelligent digital control: The central device with a great microcontroller to control, simplifies the structure of the external circuit, and the control method and control strategy is powerful and flexible, to guarantee excellent performance and stability.

6.    Optional city electric switch: if a person chooses the power switching task, in case of low voltage battery or pure sine wave inverter failure, the device without human intervention switch to the city power supply, thus make sure the stability of the power source of the system.

How do pure sine wave inverters outperform the square wave?

1. On sine wave inverters, the fan or tube lights will not make any buzz.

2. Sine wave inverters provide the same current that is obtained from the power grid, while square wave inverters provide the current with a different waveform that is not secure for motors, induction applications and sensitive electronic devices.

3. The output voltage of the sine wave inverters is at the limit of 230 volts, while the output voltage of the square wave inverters can reach 290 volts.

4. Some branded stabilisers and small computer UPSs will not admit the waveform of the square wave inverters, in which case, the TV stabilisers or computer UPS must be omitted or removed to carry on using the TV or inverter computers of a square wave. It is not necessary to face this problem with pure sine wave inverters; they work perfectly with any stabilisers and small computer UPS.

5, People do not need to buy a detach UPS for a desktop computer, as Sine Wave inverters take care of machine like a dream.

6. Sine wave inverters offer an extended backup compared to the modified sine wave or square wave inverters. Save the current invoice

7. People can operate Mixie or Grinder securely with sine wave inverters. (Investors of 850 VA and above)

Anyone can buy sine wave inverter online in india within the economical price.


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