Explore Credit Card Promotional Offers and Save Money

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To know Malaysia credit card promotion up for grab, you need to first understand about credit card-linked programs, what their main purpose, how they actually work and how they can help you to save money on your daily purchases.

If you are seeking effective ways to save money, then card-linked programs or promotional offers can be a great opportunity for you. At the present time, accomplishing deals has become so easier and simple than ever before. In fact, rebates and discounts are awarded automatically when you use your either debit or credit card. Card-linked promotional offers provide you access to different deals and discounts offers on a wide range of regular buying from shopping to travel.

You get a chance to earn cash back or discounts or other benefits when you make a purchase with a qualified card at a contributing business. However, it depends on the promotional offer that you will either get a discount or get a cash back reward.

With credit card promotional offers, you can easily save your money on everyday purchases. In fact, it can benefit both the parties involved. Users can attain amazing deals on daily purchases, and on the other hand, retailers can easily attract new and target customers. As these programs have something for everything to attain, and that’s why they continue to expand and offer more deals.

Are you having OCBC debit or credit card? If your answer is yes, then you can avail a huge variety of card promotions on your purchases.

1. Watsons

Do shopping at Watsons, and receive RM30 Cashback. Use your OCBC debit or credit card, and spend at least RM15. Then, you can get RM30 cash back if you buy something from Watsons online or visiting its store. This promotion is valid from 2 April to 10 July 2019.

2. Shopee

With your OCBC debit or credit card, you can get RM10 if you spend at least RM40 in a sole transaction at Shopee. This promotional offer is valid for new or first time user. But, there is also a great deal for both existing and new users. They can get RM15 if they spend at least RM110 at Shopee. But, the deal is applicable only if you purchase via Shopee app.

3. Zalora

There is 15% on some brands at Zalora if you spend at least RM159 in a single transaction with your OCBC credit or debit card. Visit Zalora now, and have an amazing shopping experience.

4. ShopBack

Are you a new customer at ShopBack? If yes, then create an account now, and receive an RM10 as cash back bonus. Plus, if you are OCBC credit or debit card holder, then you can avail various deal at ShopBack.

5. Vivo

You can get RN150 off if you spend at least RM1000 in a single receipt at Vivo with OCBC credit card. Purchase now, and get an amazing deal.

To avail Malaysia credit card promotion up for grab, you first need OCBS credit or debit card. If you don’t have it, then apply for a card now to get fantastic deals that can save your bucks.