Goodbye To Bad Hair Days, Making Them Better In Five Ways

With the sun blazing down on us with all its might, it is close to impossible to keep the hair game on point. But you need not to worry as we have come armed with some tactics that will not only get your hair game back on track but will surely help you create your style statement.  Bad hair days are common, and let us admit it, we go through them quite frequently. Especially in the winters, we face them the most. With the moisture getting totally lost, it leaves our hair scrappy and messy. While in the summers, the hair gets exceptionally damp from the constant sweat and no amount of taming helps it revamp the volume up. 

It is almost impossible to keep your hair open for a very long time during this time as well, and many of us are not comfortable with this idea since we all apparently get a sudden boost of self-confidence with the locks left loose. For you to keep going stylish even on days like this, we have some super fun hacks that are a must-try! Also, you can avail amazing deals by applying HotOzCoupons on their website.

1.    Dry shampoo:

This is a boon to us, girls, that the product was introduced to us. The first and the foremost thing that you can do to make the hair regain its glory in case you do not have time to shampoo your hair is using a dry shampoo of your choice. It adds a specific volume to your hair and makes it all fluffy and plumped up. It adds definition to your hair, and you can go about freely without the hassle of shampooing and conditioning your locks with almost a similar result. Dry shampoos make your hair glossier as well. Just wait for some 2-5 minutes after spraying on some of it on your required damp areas before you run your fingers smoothly through your hair to even out the frizz.

Well, now here is a pro tip: if you do not own dry shampoo, you need not freak out as you can always replace it with baby powder.  It works wonders for your hair and has the same effect.

2.   Blow dry it out:

Tame your frizzy and rough hair with a technique that will be your best friend for the rest of these days in life. You may use this method on your damp hair as well. Part your hair in the middle and take small sections at a time. Twirl them and hold the nip of the twirled strand. Run the blow drier along the length of this strand. Keep repeating this until all of your hair has been blow-dried. Gradually unwind the strands, and you will be left with beachy curls in no time.  

3.    Bun it up:

Trust me; these bad hair days are the best time to try that messy bun out. Bring all of your hair forward, grab the entire lot and tie it up in a bun on top of your head. Do not comb it out to retain the messy effect. Pull out a few strands from here and there for a more stylish look. This look has been seen on celebrities majorly, and nobody will ever know you are having a bad hair day. Keep the compliments pouring in, in abundance in spite of having a “bad” hair day!

4.    Braids that never fail:

Apply some serum onto your hair and tame all of it to make a plain braid or a fishtail braid. It looks super sleek and hides your bad hair days like none other. The hair will be kept tamed as well into a braid and keep the excess sweat off you.

5.    Accessorise it up:

Tying on a bandana or a scarf will help you transform your bad hair days into stylish ones. Various celebrities have sported this look, and we are not sure if they too were having a bad hair day or not as they looked super chic in the headgears. See, there lies the camouflage you need! Using a cap too will serve your purpose. Channel out your inner country girl vibe and make “heads” turn.

Acing these techniques will get you out of your traumatic bad-hair day zones and make you face the world better and bolder. The super cool hacks shall always save you from unwanted worried and thoughts during the rush hours. Take the perfect selfies you need and play the trick of keeping people mesmerised by your hair being totally on fleek, even after going days without shampooing.

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