Track Rotation and Meet Standards with Rotation Manager

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Among the most challenging tasks that nursing schools and hospitals come up against on a regular basis is scheduling the rotations for their nursing students.

It’s a crucial task because any scheduling errors can create a whole series of problems like failing to adequately cover the care of patients, damaging a hospital’s reputation for standards, giving the nursing students too few hours, as well as a host of other potential complications for nursing schools.
This is where Rotation Manager ( can help. It is a solution for scheduling nurse rotations that is cloud-based so requires no installation, but offers significant benefits for every person and institution involved in the process of drawing up a rotation schedule.

It offers all that is required for setting clinical rotations including:

• The ability to track rotations
• Ensuring requirements are met on time
• Enabling schedules and hours to be uploaded from mobile devices
• The ordering of background checks
• The ordering of drug screenings
• Getting job references.

Rotation Manager is not only user-friendly but it also includes a mobile web-app that enables nursing students to access information about their instructors, shifts, and other relevant data from their mobile devices. Students are also able to request that they are referred for jobs by their hospital educators to hospital HR departments where their rotations are taking place.

An online clinical journal is among the benefits for nursing students.  It enables them to make notes about their clinical experiences and allows them to give feedback to their instructors. In addition, it’s possible for them to request and store in a built-in vault any electronic letters of recommendation from their instructors.

Rotation Manager makes the challenge of scheduling rotations much easier and a lot more efficient.  By utilizing Rotation Manager’s functionality is among the easiest ways of preventing any compromised compliance standards and eliminating inefficient rotation scheduling.

Rotation Manager offers many benefits to Nursing Students, Hospitals, and Schools and has helped many nursing programs significantly reduce the paperwork that previously added to their problems. It has played a big part in helping eliminate audit failure.

By securely centralizing documents in a protected location accessible to all parties makes it much easier to track all of the important documentation needed at each step of the process.

Those hospitals and schools that have been using the Rotation Manager software agree that affiliations between all parties involved in scheduling rotations have been greatly strengthened.