Why Buy Eyeshadow Palettes online at Clarins Singapore

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Giving the eyes a better look and feel comes at a price. You cannot just buy the cheapest eyeliners and shadows available and expect to reap the same quality results you will get with high-end products. The perfect Eyeshadow palette can help color your eyes with several high-quality colors giving you extraordinary looking shades that match your mood. If you are on a low budget, you may as well choose to settle for small-sized Eyeshadow palette that has tons of trusted colors and shades. When in the hunt for eye makeup solutions, there are many reasons you should buy Eyeshadow palettes online at Clarins Singapore.

Comes in Different Color Sets

The Eyeshadow you will find at Clarins Singapore is available in four amazing sets. These are uniquely crafted and well-suited color shades which are Rosewood, Forest, Nude, and Brown. Each of the sets offered here is uniquely created and includes a foursome of iridescent, satin, and matte shades that work perfectly well with each other. They come as high-intensity mineral powders that are able to blend perfectly well with your eyes to create a crease-free and lasting look. The best thing about these Eyeshadow palettes is that they are dermatologically tested and confirmed to be perfect for use on sensitive skins.

Amazing Tones

The four Eyeshadow palettes from Clarins include a variety of amazing tones. The Rosewood Eyeshadow palette has a sweet combination of deep and coral purples, the brown palette has amazing earth tones, the nude palette has flavorful warm and peachy hues while the forest palette has elegant medley that is made up of earthy browns and dark greens. All of these Eyeshadow palettes have a little dual-headed sponge applicator that guarantees flawless and simple application.

Easily Applicable

Experts in eye makeup always advise that you professionally apply the makeup so that you can get best results. The only problem with some Eyeshadow palettes is that they are a bit complex to apply and would always require a professional. As with Clarins Eyeshadow palettes, they are easy to apply. They include the lightest shades ever you will get in the market. The colors are available in a variety of options and work best in almost all kinds of skins and decors. They are all accompanied by easy to follow instructions that are intended to make it easier for you to apply the shades on all parts of your eyes.


Finding the best Eyeshadow palettes has never been easy. There are so many eye palettes in the market hence the selection process is always accompanied by lots of complexity.  Even for professional eye makeup specialists, it is never easy to decide which of the palettes available is to be trusted. If you are the kind of people who would rather settle for time-tested and proven eye makeups, you will better off buy Eyeshadow palettes online at Clarins Singapore. All the Eyeshadow palettes offered by Clarins are affordable and of high-quality. You can easily order one without needing to worry about being taken for a ride. They are tested and proven to be good for use on the human eyes.