An overview about anemia during pregnancy

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Anemia refers to a medical condition, where there is lack of Red blood cells in order to carry oxygen to various tissues of the body. The moment tissues are not going to receive a lot of oxygen, functions and even organs are affected. Anemia and pregnancy is a point of worry as premature birth along with low birth weight baby is causes of concern. For pregnant women they are at a higher risk of developing this disorder because of excess blood that the body provides to help nutrients for the body. 

In the early part of pregnancy this can prove to be a mild condition and it can be treated if it is detected at an early stage. But it poses danger to both the mother along with the baby if it is not treated. Nearly 400 types of anemia are existent but some tend to occur more in case of pregnancy. Let us now understand the various types of this disorder

Anemia caused by deficiency of iron

In the US this is the leading type of anemia. Nearly 25 % of pregnancy suffers from this type of deficiency. In the red blood cells iron is a mineral that is found and the oxygen from the lungs to various parts of the body is carried. It even helps the muscles to store and use oxygen. When less amount of iron is produced your body becomes fatigued and shows less resistance to infection. You need to be aware on how to treat iron deficiency in a natural manner when you are pregnant. This same logic could exist even after anemia after pregnancy as well.

Folate deficiency anemia

Folate is termed as folic acid seems to be a water soluble nutrient which prevents neural tube effects from emerging. This is a common supplement which is consumed by pregnant woman. It is found in green leafy vegetables, lemons and legumes. A diet lack in terms of folic acid can lead to lack of reduced red blood cells in the body paving way for a deficiency of iron.

Below are some of the ways by which red blood cells can be affected and can lead to anemia

·         The lack of iron could emerge if you are not consuming too much iron foods, or the body does not have the ability to absorb excess iron. You need to be aware on how to get iron in a natural manner
·         The process of pregnancy itself as iron is needed for the body of a woman so as to increase the volume of blood. Without the help of an iron supplement there does not seem sufficient amount of iron in order to supply the growing fetus
·         Heavy amount of bleeding can lead to the red blood cells being damaged in the manner by which you can go on to replenish them.

The symptoms of anemia could be mild at first and go a bit unnoticed. But once it progresses it is going to worsen. Be aware that it could arise due to causes beyond anemia.

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