How the legalization of weed will change our lives

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With marijuana slowly but surely becoming more mainstream around the world, there are many more people who are looking to try it out and to see what all the fuss is about. For many it is a relief that weed can now be carried and consumed without a threat of prosecution. For others, who have never tried it because they wanted to stay on the right side of the law, it is an opportunity to sample something new. But what does it all mean? What changes will the slow but steady legalization of weed bring about? Here are a few things that are likely to change as society adapts to the new laws.

Retail changes

One of the most obvious changes will be in the retail space. Where once weed was purchased through illicit deals on street corners or in dingy alleys, once legal there will no longer be a need for cloak and dagger stuff. Instead you will probably that your old dealer is now the owner of the bong shop down at the local mall. There will undoubtedly be changes, and while the conservatives might not like the new laws, it won’t take long before it is accepted. Remember the prohibition? It’s a great example of how attitudes change. In the USA alcohol consumption and sales were banned from 1920 till 1933. Hard to believe that now!


One of the biggest benefits of bringing weed into the formal economy is that the income derived from it can now be taxed. Previously illicit sales were used to fund corruption and bribery, it was used to fund mafia style organizations and it had an overall negative effect. Now the money spent – and globally there is a lot of it if you consider that in Colorado alone the industry is worth close to six billion dollars since legalization – can be harnessed for good.

Road safety

We have all had conversations about drinking and driving. We all know the effects and the dangers. But what about getting high and driving? As much as the legislation has changed in many places to allow for the legal consumption of cannabis, not much has been done to legislate towards road safety and testing for consumption. Does smoking impair your judgement or slow reactions? What are the effects is it is taken with alcohol? How do the police test for driving while high? These are all questions that need to be considered and which will cause issues if not addressed.

Legal implications

There was once a time when smoking cigarettes was considered cool. Then it became clear that tobacco caused cancer and there were all sorts of limits placed on its advertising and sales. But what is the situation with marijuana? At present it is very much at the forefront of people’s minds given its newfound legal status. But what next? What are the health risks? Does it need to come with warnings? Do these only apply when weed is smoked? Will it still need to be prescribed for medical use or can it now be bought over the counter. Lots to consider, and probably a lot of scenarios that will take a while to come to light.