Into the world of Pearl Jewelry

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Pearls are not just a name but an iconic part of jewelry. The gemstones hold a lot of significance in the Jewelry industry. Pearl jewelry and its accessories are beloved by people all over the world. Iconic fashion influencers such as Coco Chanel and many more have made their mark into the fashion world with the unique use of pearl jewelry.

Due to its rareness, the pearls become very expensive stones and also there was a time when the commoners prohibited the use of pearl. Only the upper class was able to afford it by that time. Now times have changed and there has been a procession of artificial pearls which can be afforded by all segments of the society.

Making perfect pearl jewelry needs a unique pearl which comes from various origins. The pearls come from two ways which are:-

·         Natural Pearls which are born in living organisms and not mined. It comes from oysters, mollusks, clams, etc.

·         Cultivated Pears which is a human infused process where a foreign object is inserted into an oyster.

There are various types of pearls used for pearl jewelry such as:

·         Akoya Pearls which are usually found on the shores of Japan and come in colors of white and cream.

·         Freshwater Pearls which are budget-friendly as they are cheap and come in colors such as pink and peach.

·         Tahitian pearls which comes in brilliant colors and shades such as green and brown. The popularity of these pearls is increasing in the market.

·         South Sea Pearls which are in demand for their round shape and are very rare. It is considered to be the finest kind of pearl in the entire world.

The pearl jewelry consists of Pearl rings, Pearl Earrings, Pearl Necklaces which are in demand. To differentiate between a real pearl and a cultivated pearl is quite easy. These are the factors:-

·         No two natural pearls are identical.
·         Pearls are not perfectly round.
·         Real pearls have a cold touch irrespective of the weather.
·         A string of real pearls which when shaken gives a soothing sound.

Pearl jewelry sets will always be a classic and will be redefining fashion forever with their glow.


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