Punjabi Cuisine - A Major Part Of Indian Food Catering

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Punjabi foods are usually very flavourful and rich in spices and this is attributed to the culture and the cuisine that grew along with the ages of the history of the place. The cuisine has a lot of different dishes that came due to the rich traditions that are distinct and unique to the geography. One of the famous methods that originated in the local Punjabi cuisine is tandoori cooking. It is now famous in many places in other parts of India, Canada, UK and more around the world. The cuisine also has a lot of influence from the local agricultural and farming methods. Due to the abundance of wheat and rice in the area, rice-based dishes and Indian bread made with wheat are famous.

Different dishes in the cuisine

Punjab is a major producer of rice and wheat has rice in the staple food. The rice is usually served with a variety of vegetables and curry. Meat is also a major part of the dishes from Punjab. Dairy products are also a very big part of the food in Punjabi cuisine. So, paneer or cottage cheese and butter are used in a variety of dishes to make the curry more creamy. Also, the Indian food cateringconsists of a variety of dishes that originate from the Punjabi cuisine. Dishes like the chole batura are quite famous and are a part of any good Indian restaurant. Many kinds of paratha like the pannerparatha, alooparatha and other kinds of stuffed bread are quite famous too.

Meat dishes

The cuisine is not only good in vegetarian foods, there are also a lot of varieties in the meat dishes it offers. Tandoori chicken and lamb marinated with different flavours and spices are a major part of the meat dishes. Beef, lamb and seafood are also found in the cuisine. With a lot of spices and condiment to use on the dishes, Punjabi dishes amplify the flavour of the meat by using the right amount of spices and other additives. There are also dishes which include rice and meat together. Dishes like briyani are few of those which use the flavourful rice mixed with cooked meat to create the perfect blend to satisfy your appetite. Briyani can be made with chicken, lamb and beef.


There are a lot of restaurants with Punjabi cuisines found across the world. Due to the increase in people of Indian origin, a lot of these restaurants have started gaining popularity throughout the world. They provide a good variety of dishes with a carefully blended flavour to provide a breathtaking meal. With a lot of variety in the curry dishes and meat, rice and wheat are an important part of the Punjabi cuisine. So most restaurants provide a variety of Indian bread made with wheat and steamed rice along with the curries be it vegetarian or not. Shan a Punjab delivery offers a lot of dishes from the Punjabi cuisine made with the traditional methods and recipes.