4 Best and Cheap Places to Shop Your Heart Out In Kolkata

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Kolkata is quite popular for being one of the cheapest cities, kudos to the low cost of living that the metropolitan boasts. Hence, it is only natural that shopping in Kolkata is one of the pertinent things to do when one is visiting the city. Acting as a significant trade corridor, coupled with its cosmopolitan status, Kolkata is no less than a lucrative haven for traders, shoppers and international retail brands alike. The shopping arcades were first set up by Britishers here after which the city was inundated with a multitude of American style shopping malls, echoing the demand for Kolkata’s consumer-driven society.

For all the avid shoppers, the variety of goods, commodities and consumer durables is simply unmatched. Here are some of the best and cheap places to shop your heart out without feeling heavy on your pocket:

1)      New Market of Kolkata

New market is the most prominent Victorian Gothic shopping arcade that came into existence during the colonial era and is in limelight till date. It comprises of a wide labyrinth of stalls, selling each item that one can imagine. Although the prices are already quite affordable, they can further be brought down if you possess good bargaining skills. There are over 2000 stalls in total dealing in goods ranging from fashion apparel to electronics and flowers and rare cheeses. Located on Lindsay Street, the shop remains open from 10 am to 8 pm during weekdays and until 2:30 pm during Saturdays.

2)      Gariahat Market of Kolkata

Falling under the Ballygunge area, Gariahat Road is one of the major arteries of South Kolkata, uniting Ballygunge Phari with Prince Anwar Shah Road and continuing up to Raja SC Mullick Road. Garihat shopping area spanning a long stretch of shops, restaurants, and stores form one of the major attractions. The serpentine road has breathtaking variety on display in both shops as well as makeshift stalls that flank the market. Similar to the New Market, the prices are quite reasonable with plenty of scope for bargaining. Once you are done with shopping, there are also numerous good restaurants in Kolkata that dot this area to offer you with the choicest grub.

3)      Burrabazar Market of Kolkata

Having transitioned from being a predominantly yard and textile market to India’s grandest wholesale market, Burrabazar is the city’s most nostalgic landmark shopping institutions. Delighting all shoppers alike, one can find each conceivable item that can be imagined here. The entire market is subdivided into submarkets depending upon the category of goods being sold. Although each is unique in itself, one street that mustn’t be missed during the festive season is the Kalakar Street, buzzing with dances, songs, and puja paraphernalia.

4)      Malikghat Flower Market

Colloquially known as the Howrah Phool Bazaar, one thing that makes this market stand out is the sensory overload of colors and mellifluous aromas. Truckloads of flowers being brought from different corners of the world is a common sight at the place. One can find a selection of sensational flowers, ranging from lilies, gladiolas, roses, orchids, tuberoses, gerbera, etc.  With Howrah Bridge in the backdrop, the bustling market conjures up images of a vibrant Kolkata.

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