Exotic Tahitian Pearl versus Traditional White Pearls

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Tahitian pearls are popular as black pearls. Usually, people choose white pearls for their jewelry but, even Tahitian pearls are great choice. They offer several advantages over white ones, so you can add a few black pearl jewelries to your collection. Tahitian or traditional pearls are a subject of debate for years in terms of style and investment option.

Exotic and precious

All Tahitian pearls are not black and all black ones are not Tahitian. Tahitian pearls got its name from the region they are cultivated - French Polynesian Island. Black lip oyster called Pintada Margaritifera create Tahitian pearls in dark colors with glowing undertones. As they are cultivated in a single geographical location, you can say they are rare and extremely precious.

Available in variety of dark hues

Authentic and certified Tahitian pearls are available in hues ranging from dark green to dark purple or dark grey. When you visit the store to buy one of the best pearl engagement earrings check the Tahitian collection and see how the greenish hues get reflected from the surface of the lustrous nacre. Some will be almost grey or silver and then black. Each real Tahitian pearl will differ in shape as well as size.

Bigger than traditional white pearls

The black lip oyster has more space for accommodating the growing pearl, so Tahitian rock is larger than the white freshwater and Akoya varieties. This makes them valuable, so never miss an opportunity if you discover good deals online.

Investment potential is higher because of its natural large size. This statement piece of black pearl jewelry will become a family heirloom or legacy one day.

Look stunning

Pink and white are classic pearls that little girls and big girls can wear. Nonetheless, Tahitian pearls are edgier choice that screams sophistication.

Durable luster in high quality black pearl

The top layer of pearls offers the lure and color reflexes have a tendency to depreciate overtime but the nacre deposit in Tahitian pearl is very thick. It means you can enjoy its total beauty and shine for many more years. Black pearls are more resistant than other pearl varieties.

Remember that, pearl authenticity and origin can make a lot of difference!