The Know-How of Online Proctoring

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Remember the times when exam halls were covered with silence and the only audible noise was of the pen scrapping against the paper. How can anyone forget the dreadful experience of taking a test in an examination hall with the hawk-like eyes of an invigilator keeping a track of every activity? We all have gone through such sweat causing moments. The point that I am trying to take your attention to is that invigilation or proctoring is an integral part of the conventional examination system since it infuses integrity into it.

However, times have changed. With technology advancing at an inexplicable speed, the traditional ways of test taking have also gone through a phase of transformation. ELearning has spread its wings and pervaded the sphere of education as every second institution today is offering online courses and enticing people to choose this non-traditional mode of acquiring knowledge. And, online proctoring is a by-product of this system.

With our lives keeping us busy with work, family and other priorities, there are times when we just wish to have 30 hours in a day so that we could pursue the dream of gaining an education. Fortunately, eLearning gives us the opportunity to attain disparate skills and knowledge without having to attend regular classes in a college or university. The beauty of this new, fresh way of learning is that you get an opportunity to pursue a degree, certification, diploma or any form of qualification over the internet.

And, this has given birth to online proctoring. For those who do not know, here is what online proctoring means.

Online Proctoring – Meaning and Relevance

Since you can take an online test from wherever you want, a negative aspect attached to this process is that it is convenient for candidates to cheat during the assessment. But, the good news is that online proctoring curbs this problem and instills reliability into online evaluations. Online test proctoring services involves a candidate being monitored by a proctor through a webcam.

Online Test Proctoring Services-How to choose?

For your school, college or organization, finding a proctoring service could become a tedious, painful process since there is a long line of service providers. So to make this procedure easier, the top thing on your mind should be to evaluate the spheres you want the candidates to be tested along with the level of skills required for a particular position.

Online Proctoring – How it works?

The first move that a candidate makes when giving an online assessment s to download the required software onto the computer which will be used for giving the test. Before the exam begins, this application checks the whole computer system, webcam and uses a lockdown mechanism to prevent the candidates form opening the web browsers.

Providing identity proof is a mandate for the students. Some show it in the camera while many others confirm their facial features through software.