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5 Outfits That Will Help You Look The Part For Rakhi

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RakshaBandhan is celebrated with a whole lot of excitement and the preparations can start as early as a week in advance. There is just so much to do. Picking the right Rakhi for your brother is not always so simple with the high number of designer Rakhi online to choose from. This isn’t the only problem though. Like most Indian festivals, RakshaBandhan is also rather grand. Which is why it’s not just designer rakhi’s people buy. They also spend considerable amounts of time choosing the perfect designer outfit for their celebrations. Even though there is no official dress code, people naturally tend to opt for traditional clothing to match the occasion. Which is why I decided to curate a list of outfits that are bound to work like a charm for your RakshaBandhan celebrations. The outfit ideas have been listed below –

SalwarKameezEasily one of the first outfits to come to mind for any traditional occasion here in India, SalwarKameezs are not only comfortable, but fashionable too. As these outfits have been around for ages, you have access to a lot of different styles to choose from. From a Patiala salwarto a normal salwar or churidarpajami, you can find it all made using different fabrics and sporting unique designs. Depending on the Salwar you choose, you can accessorize accordingly.

Sari’sI think we can all agree that sari’s make us women look stunning. Whether you’re married or not is well beside the point. No one can stop you from looking how you want to look. The best part about sari’sare that they look good on anyone regardless of their body style.If that in itself isn’t enough,you have a hell of a lot of options to choose from. These days, sari’s can be had in both traditional and modern designs. Which one works best on you is for you to decide.

 Lehengas – These are best suited for women who have recently gotten married and are celebrating Rakhi for the very first time as married women. What style you wish to sport is totally dependent on your personal tastes. Plus, like all other traditional outfits, you have a large variety of designs to choose from. 

Anarkali Suits – Easily the most elegant outfits from the lot, Anarkali suits help you look like royalty from ancient India without compromising on how comfortable you feel. It’s the best “inbetween” solution if sari’s are too uncomfortable and if a salwarkameez is not bling enough. 

Gowns – If you like being the centre of attention, then nothing will work better for you than a gown. Sure, they’re a bit over the top, but they do make an impression like no other outfit would. It’s the perfect trade off between western and traditional designs from India. Plus, they’re extremely comfortable too. As a result, not only will you looking stunning, but you’ll feel it too.

So, keep these 5 outfits in mind this RakshaBandhan as they will help you look the part!