How to Handle Fragile Items, and Wine Glasses While Moving

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The most difficult task while moving is to handle fragile items like wine glasses. Packing and moving such fragile items is really tricky and requires the utmost care. To make sure that all your fragile items like wine glasses and stemware make way to your new home without getting damaged, you may need to take care about a lot of things from procuring right kind of packing supplies to packing all the glass wares just accurately, everything needs to be done with precision.

So here we have come up with few tips that can help you to handle all such fragile items in the right way:

Prepare an inventory:

The first step towards taking care of your fragile items is to prepare an inventory of all the glassware and fragile items. No matter whether you are hiring a professional moving company or you are doing it all by yourself, maintaining inventory is really important. In fact, we recommend taking photos along with preparing an inventory so that you can count the same and claim any such damage from a professional cross country movers. It can also help to alert you when anything is missing from your shipment.

Purchasing right kind of packing supplies:

If you have hired a moving company, then you may need not worry about procuring packing supplies, but if you are planning to do it yourself then purchasing right kind of packing supplies is really important to ensure that nothing gets damaged while transportation. The right kind of packing supplies are corrugated cardboard boxes, divider or partition kits, bubble wraps, foam pouches, packing paper, packing tape and a cushioning material (you can use a bed sheet or blankets). Once you have procured right kind of supplies, you may start assembling the boxes to keep your items in the same.


Categorize all the fragile items, and count each piece accordingly. If you think that these items need to be washed then it is recommended to do the same before packing.

Wrap each item individually:

Once you have categorized each item, wrap each item individually with packing paper. Make sure to roll the packing paper from top to bottom, also stuff the packing paper inside the glass. If you want to safeguard all the fragile items, you can repeat the process twice or thrice to have multiple layers. Secure the packing paper with tape so that in transition no damage takes place. Also, use foam pouches to be inserted inside the items like wine glasses and then secure the same with tapes.

Place the glassware inside the box:

Now that you have wrapped all the items carefully, now place all the glassware inside the box. To safeguard these items, place cushioning material at the bottom, also place partition kit so that no items get in touch with each other. Make sure that no gap is left in between the items, fill the gap with either bed sheets, blankets or bubble wrap.

 After everything, make sure to label all the boxes so that all these boxes are taken with the utmost care during the transition.