Choosing a CCW Jacket

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If you use firearms for work, recreation or safety purposes, wearing a concealed carry weapon (CCW) jacket can be both a comfortable and discrete way to carry your weapon(s). Before buying one, however, there are few things you ought to think about to ensure you make the right decision.
Know Your State Requirements
Before you decide on a jacket, make sure you have the proper concealed carry documentation for it: states typically require a license or permit. The laws regarding concealed carry can vary greatly by state, although USA Carry has a helpful primer that briefly runs through key details.
Make Sure It Fits Everything—Yourself Included
Chances are you’re not going to load the innards of your jacket with firearms, but in addition to having pockets for your weapons of choice, try finding one that also allows you to carry everyday items like tablets, notebooks, pens, your wallet and so forth. Remember, it is a jacket and thus designed to carry things, so pick one that lets you bring everything you’ll need for your day: not just your firearm. Also, know your size! You don’t want wardrobe complications if you need to pull out your firearm in case of an emergency.

Pick One That Suits Your Environs

Do you live somewhere cold or plan to wear your ccw jacket in the winter, or will you don it in lighter weather? Pick one that isn’t going to leave you freezing or melting in extreme temperatures: having a jacket that can withstand snow, rain and sleet is an especially good idea. And if you think wearing a CCW jacket in hot weather is impractical, think again, as some jackets even offer UV protection.
When it comes to CCW jackets, don’t be so quick in the draw. Take these factors into consideration and the jacket you buy will be a perfect fit in every way.