Top Questions to Ask International Moving Companies

If you are going to be shifting out of the country that you are currently living into another location, you would want to hire one of the top international moving services NYC companies. There are plenty of questions that one would want to ask them, including if they do the shipping of the containers themselves or if they hire that out. Numerous questions need to be asked before you can decide which company to go with, so keep reading to find out what questions you need to get the answers to.

Questions to Ask

You should make sure that you are finding the best international moving services NYC experts and you can do that by asking some questions. There is a lot that one would want to ask the potential companies, including:

  • Do they do the loading of the shipping containers themselves?
  • Do they load your various items in the crates?
  • Will they be shipping your belonging solo?
  • Do they have the proper insurance and licensing?
  • Will they take photos of your shipment for you?
  • Can they give you valid referrals of previous clients?
  • How will you get through customs work with your shipment?
  • Who is going to be taking care of the shipment when it reaches overseas?
  • Who is the main person to contact during the entire process?
  • How long will it take before my container reaches my destination?
  • How will the delivery be set up and will I get a phone call?
  • What type of insurance do they have available for you to purchase?
  • What is the price that you are going to be paying for the entire shifting?
  • What is going to be included in the price that they are charging you?
  • How will the items be shipped?
  • What types of packaging materials are going to be used?
  • Do you have any method of tracking the shipment in real-time?
  • How long will my items be stored, if at all? Where will they be stored, and how will they be stored?
These are all important questions that you need to make sure that you are asking any international moving services NYC company before you hire them. The answers to these questions can help you to make the right choice about who you are going to hire and which company will be the best.

You should always make sure that when it comes to your items and possessions that you are only letting the best company takes care of them. You want to ask them how they are going to be shipping them and if they are going to be waiting for other shipments or if your shipment will be sent solo.

 You also want to know what they are going to charge you and what exactly is included in the price along with any insurance coverage that you can purchase to protect your items from damage.

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