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Present Your Coffee In a Unique Way

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Do you have a get together to host to? Are your guests coming all on little knick-knacks over an old cuppa’ coffee? Do you want to make a mark about your beverage when it comes to decorating the cup or embellishing the plain canvas of a coffee mug?

We love getting compliments for our effort, people who love hosting, usually get the rush when they receive positive feedback from their guests, it surely makes them feel happy as their efforts were being reciprocated in the form of compliments. You feel that all your time, money, and efforts are paid well when someone acknowledges it.

Coffee is a very niche beverage, people who love coffee prefer their hot drink in a particular taste, look and style. It is safe to know when and how to garnish or design your coffee for that lip-smacking taste and awestruck look. When asked by the Coffee Catering in TX about tips for the event, people are often perplexed with the idea to make it look extraordinary with its style and taste. Fret not, there are various ways to know how you can give your coffee an embellished look for your guests or yourself.

Don't worry, here are a bunch of ideas to style the mug of coffee:

Classic Nutella:-

The taste of coffee gets tastier and yummier when blending with everyone’s favorite, Nutella. You can mix a spoonful of fresh Nutella to your cup of coffee and add some hazelnuts to get that heavenly taste of your beverage.
You are Welcome!

Everyone’s favorite- Whipped cream:-

Everyone loves whipped cream, from kids to young adults, everyone loves to gorge on the creamy layer over anything. Be it espresso, lattes, macchiatos or a regular coffee, when you top the layer with whipped cream, you make the taste exceptionally good. You can opt for a homemade whipped cream or go to the supermarket to buy when you finish it up with choco chips, you give that coffee, a beautiful taste.

Exceptional Topping :-

Top the wafer biscuit over a hot coffee and make it taste more tempting. Moreover, the warmth of coffee softens the topping, making it irresistibly delicious.

A splurge on chocolate:-

When you drizzle cappuccinos with warm syrup on top of steamed milk, you give the mild loops of chocolate with the foam and swirl in one motion. Make sure to roll a thick and dense foam and flow in the syrup for the thin and light result. Dust some cocoa powder on the foam as per the shape you want to design.

The artisanal ice cube:-

Prepare flowers, designs or coffee ice cubes to enhance the simple old plain coffee. You can even freeze the flower petals like lavenders, rose petals or strawberries to give a colorful look to the coffee.

Edible cookie-ware:-

Use the edible chocolate dough to get in a spoon or stirring accessory shape and pour in chocolate syrup and freeze them. Use different styles to decorate sugar cookies and serve it along with the coffee mug. Place it as a topping and then observe those delightful faces over the gathering.

Layer it em’ with chocolate C

The devilish affair between chocolate and coffee is a new heaven.
Combine both to make your beverage a lot appetizing. Yes, you got that right! Fill the glass with coffee and top it with some melting chocolate. Not just the kids but even adults love the deadly combination.

The designer cold-coffee with ice cream

Everybody at the celebration, eyes at the option of cold coffee with ice-cream. The evergreen drink has not lost its sheen over the years and remains everyone's favorite.

Giving a new look to the coffee is what you will want. There are a few options for this- you can decorate the glass with coffee syrup and freeze it for some time to set it. You can even try putting some hazelnuts or strawberry toppings along with the choco chips or can use fancy straws and use choco rolls to beautify the delight.

Whipped cream with cocoa powder dusted over the ice cream also goes well for garnishing the cold beverage.

Attention on the mug, please!

Make sure that not just the drink, even the holder gets all the attention. You can add some ribbons or add edible sprinklers to give some attention to the Mug.

Wrapping up

Planning a get-together, call the Coffee Bar in Dallas with the innovative coffee serving ideas you wish to serve your guests and get appreciated for the beautiful garnishing ideas.

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