Many service providing leaders are not aware of the new technologies which can help them more in doing business operations at almost same or less additional cost. As they are not aware of the  MICROSOFT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS and their benefits and its impact on the business. They canbuy the services from service provider rather than managing it by their own. Microsoft also enables the other service provider to take benefit of its service provider cloud. Their partners can manage and control directly with the help of themicrosoft service provider. They expand its range by adding more partners which leads to opening of new markets, unlocking new capacities and access to new services.

Partners can chose from direct or indirect model of CSP. There are so many benefits of cloud service provider, discussed as follows:

1.      You can choose the area of your service by your own, it manages its licenses and up gradations and you can make any change in it any time.
2.      Everything is clearly managed and controlled.
3.      All the packages are available at low cost and with the most attractivefeatures and up gradations in them.
4.      No additional cost charged by the service provider

All the decisions related to the licenses, installation, upgrades and management of all the instructions and guidance regarding licensing agreements cannot be managed by one single person or even by a multiple persons. You need a proper system guidance to manage all this. With this cloud service provider you will get everything done with no stress. You can avoid the stress and work load of your IT manager by providing him the help of a CSP. It does not come up with any additional cost and you need not to pay all the year, rather than this you will get your monthly or quarterly invoice and can pay accordingly.

There are so many factors which must be taken care of while selecting the service provider for your company, as it will make or destroy your company.

·         Business issues: this includes your own business techniques and strategic plans that will affect your choice for choosing the service provider for your business.
·         Safety and security: security is the main concern in every field that must be taken seriously by the leaders. You will prefer the CSP with the secured background and the CSP that will not threat your own business.
·         Supportive: it should be helpful in managing your resources in a positive manner.

MICROSOFT SERVICE PROVIDER is proved to be very helpful in managing not only your business but also to make strong relations with the customers. When your customers are satisfied with the service provided by you, they will support your running business and it will put your business in a prosperous position. In order to meet the changing needs and requirements of the customer, business needs to take help and support of the automated systems and service provider. Microsoft is also one of the service providers which helpsbusiness in many ways in their business operations.

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