What is an Abdominoplasty/Abdomen Aesthetic/Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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The abdomen is one of the areas of our body that tends to accumulate more fat, which makes us look fatter than normal and with a poorly stylized body. For example, in the case of women, your abdomen may look poorly stylized with being overweight and also after one or more pregnancies. To that add the same step of the years, which makes us lose muscle tone. But, happily, there is Abdomen Aesthetic Surgery or also known as Tummy Tuck, which will help us to solve this problem and allow you to show a flatter and more beautiful belly.

What is an Abdomen Surgery?

To begin, the Plastic Surgeon will proceed to mark the patient's abdomen to know which areas will be worked and where the small incisions will be made. The operation begins with a small incision so that the surgeon can access the adipose tissue and abdominal muscles, so that the muscles can be tightened and the skin is placed in the desired position, likewise, the skin is removed surplus.

Also, depending on the type of tummy tuck, general or local anesthesia will be used. As for the duration of the Abdomen Surgery, it can be between 2 or 4 hours approximately, everything will depend on how complex the operation is and what areas will be intervened.

What are the types of the tummy tuck?

Full tummy tuck: It is usually recommended for women after one or more pregnancies. It consists of a small incision around the navel to remove excess skin, and then proceed to tighten the muscles and finally, the abdomen is contoured.

Lateral Tummy Tuck: Aesthetic Surgery ideal for those who have excess skin on their hips. This surgery is recommended for those who want to eliminate excess skin after losing a good amount of weight and also for women after pregnancy.

Mini tummy tuck: Here only a single incision is made in the pubic area so that the Aesthetic Surgeon can remove excess skin. A Mini Tummy Tuck is usually recommended for people who have been physically fit, but who find it difficult to achieve their ideal weight with exercises or diets.

Differences between Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

The best Tummy tuck Surgeon in India helps you flatten your abdomen, which will help you tone your belly muscles. While Liposuction helps you reshape the silhouette of your body, which will be ideal for those who have excellent skin tone with very discreet localized fats. Therefore, if you have leftover or loose skin, Abdomen Surgery will be ideal for you, since it will not only remove excess fat but also stretch the skin and abdominal wall.

In conclusion, liposuction is not equal to a tummy tuck, but you could have both surgeries following the recommendations of your Cosmetic Surgeon.

Benefits of a tummy tuck

The main benefits of Aesthetic Abdomen Surgery are:

        It helps you to have a flatter and firmer belly.
        Improve the appearance of your abdominal muscles.
        Eliminates excess skin and helps you tighten belly muscles.
        Decrease the width of your waist.
        Increase confidence in and allows you to wear clothes to show off your beautiful abdomen.
        It helps you to eliminate the annoying stretch marks.
        It helps to have tighter abdominal muscles.