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2020 Scorpio Horoscope

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About Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The eighth zodiac of astrological sign, Scorpio spans at the ecliptic longitude of 210°–240° and is transited by the sun, according to western astrology, from October 23 to November 21. They are of Water element, Fixed quality, and ruled by Pluto, Mars. Scorpion is the zodiac symbol of this sign.

Scorpio Physical Attributes

Scorpio is a sign with incredible power and passion derived out of emotional realm. They are extremely clairvoyant and intuitive and are particularly known for their poisonous sting, meaning you can’t expect when they will strike you. Life for Scorpio people is the game of chess; meaning before they bring an eventual checkmate in your life, they go through a lot of planning and plotting different steps ahead. However, it doesn’t mean to state that they are vile by nature. These natives are never afraid of working hard to achieve their desired objectives/goals. Apart from craving for physical closeness, these natives like to have spiritual illumination and emotional intimacy. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio has dual personalities – one to bring destruction, other to bring transformation, depending on the mood of the day.

Scorpio Mental Attributes

The mental attitudes of Scorpio, due to their ruling planets like Mars and Pluto, are of fiery and quite vengeful. Pluto is considered god of the Underworld while Mars is the god of War/Power, which therefore explains dangerous personality side of Scorpio. If they feel betrayed or wronged, you just wonder to what extent they can go to avenge on betrayal. They are relentless, meaning they want to live life purposefully to bring in positive changes in the world. Their razor-sharp intellect is notable and they are strategic to get works done. To get full details of your Scorpio personality and how your individual aspects are going to affect your life for the year 2020, get your horoscope analyzed by our erudite astrologer.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign and 2020 predictions

Scorpio zodiac sign and 2020 predictions are effective astrological guidelines which endow with attributes like proper guidance, remedial measure, and everything you can use to improve your intellect, decision-making skills, and ability to how to manage your life’s various aspects positively. It contains the details of how to bring positive changes to your business, career or any chosen endeavor, as well in your relationship life. Things suggested in the predictions will be of great values for you to handle difficulty and manage your year 2020 to your personal advantage like success in your chosen endeavor.

Planetary Influences on Scorpio in 2020

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Plants, and these two planets bring certain changes to the personality traits of Scorpio natives. For starters, Scorpio people are assertive, passionate, and can go to any extent just to avenge on betrayal done by their partners or anyone. Pluto is considered as the planet of transformation and regeneration. Scorpio personality has a deep-seated desire for control and they can be intractably aggressive if not handled with love and care. Mars deliver its planetary influence on Scorpio in terms of energy and passion; therefore the native shows extended degree of passion for achieving something that they have in goals.

Importance of New Year 2020 Horoscope Predictions ForScorpio

New Year 2020 horoscope predictions are solid guidebooks for Scorpio ascendants helping them manage their life’s events in the year 2020. With the guideline and remedial measure provided in the horoscope predictions, you will be able to handle things of great values and can succeed in your chosen endeavor like career or business, or can bring positive change to your relationship.


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