Fastest Ways of Getting rid of Pimples

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One of the most common skin diseases that effects approximately 85% people at some or the other stage of life is Acne. Its symptoms can include pesky pimples that are frustrating and difficult to get away with. Even though the market is flooded with products be it face wash, creams, ointments and several other that may be useful in getting rid of them, but they often also have adverse effects associated with them, which could be skin irritation and also dryness among several others. 
It is because of these adverse effects that several people have switched to using natural alternatives. Even though one may find several remedies for treating acne naturally but only some of them are actually scientifically proven. Several companies have come up with natural products too like no scars neem face wash that has neem extracts that could work very well for the skin, and several others with tea tree or even others.
Some of these are :
1.      Treating the pimple with a Tea Tree Oils: A very well-known Oil that has been used widely for treating pimples by fighting bacteria and reducing skin inflammation is Tea tree Oil. This Oil comes from the extraction of leaves from a tree called Melaleuca alternifolia, from Australia. Studies have also shown that by the use of 5% of tea tree oil in gel form is 4 times more effective in reducing the pimples and 6 times more efficient in reducing the severity of the pimple, as compared to placebo. It was also seen that a gel that contained 5% tea tree oil was when compared to a lotion that contain benzoyl peroxide 5% showed almost the same results, But one thing that made them different was that Tea tree caused less burning, irritation or dryness as compared to the benzoyl peroxide.
2.      Using Natural Oils for Spot treatment: There are numerous oils that have great effects on pimples due to their anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. These properties help in reducing the pimples faster. Some of these oils are Clove, Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, lemongrass and cinnamon. All of these fight the bacteria that cause pimples. Once again when they were compared to the medications with benzoyl peroxide it was seen that clove oil showed better and faster results. These oils are extremely concentrated and should be mixed before use to avoid any irritation or redness on the skin.
3.      Neem Oil: Neem has been known for a very long time in the history of India. This antibacterial herb is extremely powerful and can be great in treating acne. It usually has a very harsh odour and has a high content of fatty acids along with other nutrients. This is exactly why we see that several beauty products such as creams, lotions, hair products and even cosmetics are making neem a prime ingredient. Products like the no scars neem extract facewash for pimples also makes use of this and is extremely popular in the market for its effectiveness and price range.
One must always remember that these oils should be either diluted with water or a carrier oil, else it may cause redness and irritation.