Finding the Best Pawn Shop In Melbourne

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Pawnshops are generally place of business where you can take your valuables either to sell or to get a cash loan against them. Most people think that all pawnshops are the same but the truth is they aren’t. Some pawn shops prefer a certain type of merchandise whilst others will sell anything. The best way to find a Melbourne pawn shop that will pay top dollar for your valuables, especially if its gold jewellery is to find a pawn shop that specialises in gold jewellery.Having said that there are other things that set pawn different pawn shops apart from each other and these include:

1.      Customer Service

The way customers are treated in an establishment can vary from place to place. You may have experienced a situation in a restaurant or some other type of business where the service is bad, the employees don’t seem to care or are just rude. Experiences like that are not pleasant and not altogether easy to forget or forgive.

Customer services is not limited to face-to-face interactions but extends over the phone. Customer experience at a pawnshop can be good or bad just like in any other place of business. There are a couple of things you should look out for:

a)       How quickly do you get acknowledged and helped?

Do you get treated when you walk into a pawnshop by someone who is eager to help you conduct your business. Nothing is worse than being ignored when you walk into a store where you have legitimate question or business to conduct.

b)      Do you feel like they value you and the business you are bringing? They may not give you exactly what you want but they should treat you fairly and with a level of professionalism that might inspire some future transaction.

c)       Can you get advice or explanations on how they value the items they buy. A good pawnshop will be able to explain its pricing structure so that you understand why you aren’t setting what you thought you could get for pawning your jewellery.

If you don’t have the time to shop your jewellery around and have to withstand bad customer service, indifferent and ride sales people then the best way to go about testing the local shop in your area is to make a phone call. There is a lot you can tell about an establishment over the phone and a lot of questions you can get answers to without having to physically go all the way to  a pawn shop.

2.      Payouts

Pawn shops pay differently for items they buy or loans they give out on items. It is never the same. Some pawnbrokers have a large customer base so they know that they will be able to sell the items that are pawned or items whose owners fail to repay the loan back on time. This might not be the case with a smaller establishment. Some pawn shops may be looking to build long lasting relationships with customers and will offer more than their competitors.

3.      Items they will lend on

Not everything you think is valuable will be an ideal item for a pawnbroker to lend you money on. The common items that pawn shops focus on include gold jewellery, silver, diamonds, pearls and other precious gems. Other pawnshops will have an extensive list that include things like electronics, musical instruments, collectibles, remote controlled cars , boats and helicopters and a host of other things. So when it comes to finding the best pawn shop near you, you will have to consider what it is you are looking to pawn.

When you find the right Melbourne pawn shop for your gold jewellery, the next important process is negotiating for the right price. Do not just accept the first offer that is made, try as hard as you can to get something better. You can only negotiate from a position of strength if you have done your research and you have all the information you need to have.