Indian animation is now global

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India has created a large space for itself in the world of animation. Animation production house in India has done tremendous efforts to take this at the global level. India has all of them be it any Hollywood movie, imagery for cartoon houses or visual effects in a film. The industry as per NASSCOM has crossed one billion us dollars by the year 2012. These business have struck gold due to the entry of giants in this business like the Walt Disney, IMAX, Warner Brothers, etc. which are the source of leading cartoon channels that provide the content based on the heritage of India. All of them are wisely and closely working with the famous and leading companies of India in order to provide the audience with the best quality of content.

There are huge numbers of mushrooming animation studios and companies in this nation with highly skilled creative artists. Cities like Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai are the hub for these kinds of activities. These cities include the leading and the most important studios of the nation. The main reason for growth of such companies in India is the cheap availability of labor and that too skilled people. People of India have good knowledge of the work and even have the required experience and expertise to perform the various tasks allotted to them. They handle the animation projects very nicely that makes the industry a lucrative option for investors to invest in the companies in this sector. This is the main thing that attracts the foreign based companies in this nation: the cost advantage. The labor that too skilled and labor with basic knowledge of English and other communication skills is available at too low rates as compared to the west.

Another point of attraction along with the cost is the large variety of concepts available that are hidden in Indian heritage upon which the films can be made easily and innovatively. The Indian history, mythology, the variety of gods and goddesses provides a great option to make things upon. Various films and animations are based on these which catch the eyes of west film makers and even make things good for them. India is also becoming the name of animation throughout the world. 

Avatar has been the highest gross earnings movie that has more than 9 oscar nominations which also includes the best visual effects category. The companies from India are finding a huge place in other areas like the film titling, internet gaming and other content, visual effects and broadcast graphics. The Indian artists know the art of including humor in animation and also they know how to execute the things perfectly. There is a huge pool of talent combined with awareness of computers which is the basic demand of job providers in this industry. Many people also work as freelancers from India in this sector which is of great use to the companies. Animation companies in India provide a profitable and emerging business with increase of content even in ads. There is a galore of opportunities in this sector some of which have been utilized and some are in the phase of being utilized.