Smart Ways to Keep your Baggage Safe While Travelling

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Travelling can get daunting at times, especially if you are carrying multiple belongings. The reason behind this could be the extra cost incurred for carriage of travel bags in flight, extra care required in handling luggage, and threats associated with the safety.

Consequently, individuals need to think of smart ways that can help them safeguard their luggage while travelling. Using durable bags, proper tags and locators especially while traversing through busy transit points like airports as well as acquiring a baggage insurance policy to protect from any financial loss caused is one of the smartest decisions one can take while on travel.

Furthermore, users looking to ensure the safety of their luggage while travelling can refer to these tried and tested methods.

Ways to protect baggage on travel –

       Use a lock that best protects your baggage

Find the perfect locks for your luggage out of the several options available in the market like key locks, cable locks, combination locks, key card locks, retractable locks, etc. It is essential to prevent unauthorised access of the belongings you might be carrying while travelling.

While these locks protect your belongings from getting stolen, there still is a possibility of loss or theft of baggage itself. Hence, purchasing a personal belongings insurance plan can be a smarter way to secure any financial loss you might witness during your tour. Also, the premium amount to be paid is nominal for all-encompassing policies like personal trip effects cover, making it a smart option. This can also aid you financially if there is a cancellation of flight.

       Consider buying durable baggage for use

Purchasing durable baggage may not secure you from loss or theft of baggage but can protect you against any damage caused to the baggage while travelling from one place to another. Travel bags may get mishandled during transit, and a durable bag will make sure your baggage and the belongings inside doesn’t get damaged. 

       Purchase a baggage insurance plan

Several users find it a convenient and smart way to keep luggage safe while travelling as they can claim financial compensation against their lost or damaged baggage. Acquiring a baggage insurance policy from leading financial institutions and NBFCs will be effective as you will be provided with the required financial aid to meet the financial loss.

Subsequently, an individual can opt for a baggage insurance policy to avail the following benefits –

        Individuals can claim financial coverage of up to Rs. 50,000 at a nominal premium rates.
        Customers availing the policy have multiple payment options to choose from, making premium payment a hassle-free affair.
        Insured individuals, as well as their family members, can claim coverage for any loss caused to the travel baggage because of any accidents or mishaps.
        The baggage insurance policy can further provide financial coverage for the contents inside the baggage that gets missing or damaged during transit.

Acquiring the compensational benefits will help candidates cope up with the monetary setback associated with loss or damage of baggage. 

       Purchase a baggage tracker

Baggage trackers can be helpful as the lost or stolen baggage can be found easily with the device shows the approximate position of the object. However, these equipment comes with a hefty price tag.

In cases where you don't wish to invest hefty amounts, you can opt for a domestic travel insurance that will provide financial aid against travel emergencies and loss/ damage of baggage at affordable yearly premium rates.

Hence, candidates travelling to various destinations in India can pre-plan and secure their baggage using locks, durable carry-ons, and availing insurance plans. Policies like personal effects coverage can be availed by individuals to ensure they get the financial help required for not only the luggage but also the contents of the bag that might get damaged or lost.

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