The Best andHighly Affordable SAP Training from Croma Campus

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Croma Campus is offering the most effective and innovative SAP trainingto all the needy students. Our training services are highly effective for giving the best support to the students. Our SAP Training will help you to get the most training support from the industry experts. The training course will give you a brief understanding of the SAP tool and its industrial implementations. We will teach you the working of all SAP modules in an effective manner. The training course is developed to make the students experts in their domains. Whether you want the SAP Training Institute in Noida for any module, we will give you the training course for the same.

This training course will help the students to easily know the working procedures of SAP modules. We are giving you the best support from our side and making the students proficient in handling the SAP tools in the companies.

The course is prepared by keeping all the important aspects of SAP modules in the course content. The teaching staff is capable to handle all the training works effectively. So, join the Croma campus and get the best training environment to understand the working of this great business tool.

What you’ll learn in this training?

The training consists of all the modules which you may need to learn. Whichever SAP module you want to understand, we will give you the training course for the same. Various things which you will learn in this training are as follows.


We will train you to use ABAP language easily and effectively. This training course will make you fully prepared to use SAP ABAP in the real-time industry. The SAP ABAP training course is highly helpful for the people who want to start their career in the field of SAP ABAP. This training course will let you know how we set up the SAP ABAP to use the SAP modules effectively.


SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytical Appliance) which helps the companies to easily process huge amounts of real-time data. We are covering this SAP module under our training course and advanced training staff.


We also provide the students with the best SAP FICO (Finance and Cost Controlling) module training too. This training course helps the students to easily know the applications of this module in the companies. We will make you an expert in this module is very less time once you come to us for learning it.


We also give you the training course for learning the SAP PP (Production Planning) module. This course will help you to easily understand all the works related to a company’s production.


Croma Campus is also offering the most innovative SAP MM (Material Management) training course to the students. The course is backed by advanced staff and highly precise course content. This course will make the students expert in handling all the works related to the material management inside a company.


We are also providing the students with a great SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) training course. The course is good to get the best training facilities for understanding the working of this module. SAP HCM is one of the most utilized and popular modules in this field. By giving these training facilities to the students, we are making them capable to handle most of the human resource tasks.

SAP Sales and Distribution

Croma Campus is also ready to give its students the world-class training facilities for understanding the workings of the SAP Sales and Distribution module. In this training course, we make our students proficient in handling all the tasks related to the sales and distribution inside a company.


We are also providing the students with the best SAP QM (Quality Management) training services too. This training is good to get a brief exposure to this important module effectively. Our training services are good to understand all the working parameters of SAP QM in an easy manner.

Why Choose Our Training Services?

Croma Campus is a highly expert and versatile training institute providing the best training services for SAP. With the help of our advanced training staff and other facilities, we give great training support to our students effectively. Our training services are designed to help the students easily understand all the concepts of SAP modules in easy manners.

Smart Labs

We do not only give the theoretical training to the students but also with the help of practical sessions. With the help of our advanced labs and great infrastructure, we ensure the healthy delivery of all the training content to our students. With our laboratories, we make our students ready to tackle all the real-time problems which may arise while working in the industry.

Expert Trainers

Croma Campus has a team of well-qualified and experienced trainers. The teachers give the best training support to the students for understanding all the concepts properly. Our training services are highly popular and effective in providing best-in-class training support to the students.

Placement Services

Croma Campus also gives the best placement services to the students once their training completes. We have a great staff who always stay ready to give high-end training facilities. So, when you are finished with your training course, our placement staff stay ready to give the best support to you.

Advanced study material

We use the latest teaching strategies to teach the students with these important SAP modules. We give both online and offline study materials to the students and make support them while understanding all the concepts of SAP.

We welcome each student who is interested to understand all the aspects of SAP. Not only the SAP training in Noida, but we are ready to give you the placement assistance too. You will also receive a certification once the training completes. As a certified and licensed training institute, we have all the facilities for you that can make you an expert in SAP easily.