Computerized Sewing Machine - Advantages & Disadvantages

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Computerized sewing machines are built with advanced features and make the problematic stitching and embroidery work easier. Here we will discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of them.


Plenty of Stitching Options:

One of the best things in the computerized automatic sewing machine is the several stitching options that you get. In addition to basic stitches, the machine is designed with decorative stitches that are not aware of them. Based on the brand you purchase, you may end up between 50 and 250 stitching options.

Buttonhole Stitches:

In addition to stitching options, computerized machines have buttonhole stitches too. Some of them include regular rectangular buttonholes, round buttonholes, and keyhole-type buttonholes, etc.

Automatic Features:

The machine comes with many automatic features such as automatic needle and auto tension, etc. Such features help the users to save much of their time and make the work easier and convenient.

Saving Patterns and Stitches:

This is another interesting advantage of using computerized machines. They allow you to save patterns and add new stitches to the memory of the machine. Here the internal memory is the memory that you have in your smartphone or gadgets etc. So, it is very helpful for you to reuse the same pattern again using memory.

Computer Connectivity:

When you connect any machine to your PC, it will read as a hard drive. Some machines allow for various accesses and provide more options for connecting with PCs. Thus, this is possible in your computerized sewing machine to connect with your computer for carrying out various tasks. For example, you can create your embroidery designs and use them in your machine to implement them on the clothes.

Embroidery Design:

As already said, the computerized machines are much popular for their embroidery designs. It isn't very easy to make some embroidery stitches using your hand. But with this advantage, you can design different embroidery designs in your clothes and enjoy such designs.


Computerized machines are coming with LED or LCDs that let you control the various tasks effectively. The display shows various things, such as the density of the stitches, exact stitch specifications, and other similar stuff.

More Control:

This machine is best for its speed control because there is no need for you to control the machine using a foot pedal as it delays a lot in the stitching procedure.



The machine is not suitable for those who don't have enough technical knowledge. It will take much time for them to get the practice for stitching in this machine. Thus for beginners, this machine looks quite hard and complicated to get familiar with its features.


Though there are plenty of models available in the market, the most advanced computerized machine will cost you much crossing your budget.

Short Lifespan:

Though computerized machines are costly and have many features, they will last around 5 or 10 or 15 years. This is not the case with mechanical machines, as they will last even for 100 years.

Thus, these are the advantages and disadvantages of computerized sewing machines that help you to decide whether you can buy this or not.