The Onward Journey of HR Professionals in 2020

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The year 2019 was an incredible year for the Human Resource(HR) professionals. They got engaged in work-life integration by boosting employee engagement. ‘Employee experience’ concept led the year 2019 and will continue in 2020 too.

HR professionals started using Artificial Intelligence technologies to ease their paperwork, came up with new strategies to increase the talent pool, started using people analytics, introduced technology, searched ways to reduce stress, worked for workforce inclusion, narrow gender pay gap, and a lot more. They were even experimenting with four workdays a week for productivity. Many HR professionals upskilled themselves to be chief people officer or chief HR officer. These roles are challenging and transforming at the individual and organizational levels. HRs entered the business to pull up new strategies.

In this backdrop of 2019, let us see how HR people would continue work on this front onwards and upwards in the year 2020. Undeniably, HRs must retire from their legacy approaches to workforce management and implement tech solutions aggressively.

Here are a few tips to reimagine the work ways in 2020.

Redefining HR Ways in 2020

People in the organization value HR leaders for their knowledge of labor laws, medical and family leave, paid vacations, occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination policy for the inclusive workforce, hiring practices, compensation, and benefits, etc. In this lane, HR professionals might have to redefine their strategies and become true business partners.

Be the business partner

As the HR careerprofile today highlights them as business partners, it is crucial to step away from the legacy model ‘HR, the administrator’. HR must understand how people resources get connected with the business, bring strategy to the table, encourage cross-functional communication and cooperation. It is necessary to get familiarized with industry movements, be proactive with fluctuations, collect data, analyze and interpret data for business benefit. Become data literate, use data tools and create opportunities for people to learn.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning is essential to make HR careers great.  Subscribe to trade publications, academic websites, and attend events. Apart from this, opt for degrees, lectures, short courses, diplomas, certifications, etc. It helps you to fill in the gaps in the knowledge. To get promoted from Associate level and upgrade your career profile, look for HR and talent management certification(s)that suits your current profile from well-renowned institutes.

For example, if change management is your goal you can look for certifications at Human Capital Institute, if you wish to upgrade your skills for talent optimization, you canopt for certifications from Talent Management Institute, or if you want to learn about HR operations and strategy development, you can go for Human Resource Certification Institute, and so forth.

Focus on employee experience

The employee experience journey involves all phases starting from attracting the talent, onboarding, engaging, steering performance to offboarding. Keeping employees engaged creates a workforce that is more dedicated to the development of the organization.

Increasing employee well-being, looking for new employee-retention strategies, decreasing employee attrition, and making employees feel their relationshipwith the organization will be meaningful. Employees are no more seen as a cost for the company but animportant source of revenue. They are the first persons to understand the organization’s structure, systems, products, and services to bring change in an organization by engaging themselves and others.

Enabling autonomy, fostering open office layout culture, providing the freedom to switch roles, encouraging creative skills, etc., leads to employer branding.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the present generation needs technology. As a rule, digital transformation and technology incorporation would be on the HR agenda in 2020 too. It is the key to talent management and employee experience. 

Though we are yet to realize what exactly 2020 holds for HR, strategies catering to the workforce and offering opportunities to keep them happy and healthy would help HR professionals stand distinct and successful in the new year 2020.