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Everything you need to know about home improvement loan

Home loans have proven themselves as an outstanding way of accomplishing customers' dream home projects. The wide array of categorization of home loans, home improvement loans, home construction loans, home extension loans, etc. enables taking care of every individual need of different borrowers concerning their dream home. India's home loan market touched a whopping Rs 19.3 lakh crore in FY 2019. This obviously meant that there is also a huge potential for home improvement loans.

About home improvement loan

As the name suggests, home improvement loans are a special category of home loans which can assist in meeting the expenses of home renovation projects. Home improvement loans are secured loans and hence require pledging of collateral. In other words, to get a home improvement loan, the borrower needs to first pledge his property as collateral to the lender against the loan amount as security. The disbursed loan amount can be used to make the modifications in the house as the borrower desires.

Eligibility criteria for home improvement loan

An individual needs to meet certain criteria to be eligible to apply for a home improvement loan. Not meeting any of the following criteria might lead to rejection of application at a later stage of the verification procedure.
-> Age of the applicant should be 18 years or above and below 70 to be eligible to apply for a home improvement loan.
-> The tenure for the home loan repayment can not be more than 35 years. The maximum allowed home loan tenure is subject to change depending on the financial institution.
-> The monthly wage or salary of the individual should be Rs.25,000 or above to apply for a home improvement loan.
-> Salaried individuals should have at least 3 years of work experience.
-> Self-employed individuals should have a minimum of 5 years of business firmness.
-> A home loan value of up to 90 per cent of the total value of property pledged as collateral can be sanctioned and is subject to change depending on the financial institution and financial firmness of the borrower.
->  To increase home loan eligibility, a maximum of 3 family members can be added as co-applicants in the home loan application.

You can make use of a home loan eligibility calculator and fill in the right details to know your eligibility for applying for a home loan.

Benefits offered by home improvement loans

There are multiple benefits offered by home improvement loans which can be easily exploited by borrowers to meet the costs of home modification or home renovation projects.

-> Convenient and flexible repayment alternatives
Home improvement loans come with flexible repayment options keeping in mind the diverse financial background of borrowers. Borrowers have the liberty to go for the repayment scheme that best suits their financial capability. You can find out the precise value of interest and equate monthly instalments using a home loan interest calculator. This can assist you in estimating your finances in advance to avoid any kind of unforeseen financial plight.

-> Budget-friendly interest rates
Home improvement loans are offered by multiple lenders at affordable interest rates. The interest rates begin from 7.9  per cent and can change depending on the will of the financial institution.

-> Immediate financing
This outstanding feature lets the borrower proceed with his project without having to wait years for his or her savings to add up. The minimal requirement of documentation optimizes the verification process, making the overall procedure a lot faster.

All these astounding features together can make your home renovation projects go smoothly and effortlessly without having you to worry about the financial constraint.



Why chocolate gift hampers is among the top selling gift hampers

Men secretly hoard over it whereas women crave it lifelong.  For a considerable point of time chocolate has been the favourite of most of us. Whatever is the occasion a chocolate deems fit on all counts? When you are planning to buy chocolates online you are presented with a host of options. In a way you are spoilt in terms of choices. Now why purchase of chocolates works out to be a better option is because you can avail them at a bargain price. No wonders to the fact that we do love chocolates a lot. Let us now explore the reasons why chocolate is a favourite draw among gift hampers.

It is rated to be one of the popular sweet forms at all times

Chocolate is loaded with cocoa that has a creamy and even a rich texture where the flavour is transferred imminently. A notable feature is that the melting point of chocolate is lower than an average body temperature that provides you with a melting sensation every time you opt for a piece.

Chocolate possess a definite chemistry

Chocolate is a vital source of a chemical referred to as opioids that is normally found in case of opium. They are known to relieve pain and provide a sense of relief for all those who go on to ingest them. People who resort to the consumption of chocolates are known to produce natural opiates in your brain that goes on to soothe nerves.

Chocolate is an epitome of love

Love along with chocolate has a distinct relationship. On the occasion of Valentine day you can hand over chocolate to your beloved lady and even women possess a habit of gifting chocolate as a form of gift during birthdays. Of late luxury chocolate gifts have even stormed the market at a large scale.

Chocolate works wonders for your health

Studies are of the opinion that dark chocolate is a rich source of chemicals that trims down the risk of cancer along with heart diseases. Antioxidants along with flavonoids are found in dark chocolate that makes a major difference to the condition of your heart. Scientists have gone on to state that once you have chocolate with tea this would enhance the production of these chemicals. But milk in chocolate is going to cut down on those benefits as it prevents the body from absorbing them. So the message is loud and clear that you should chocolate only with tea.

Your sex life improves

Studies have also gone on to reveal that chocolate is an important source of aphrodisiac properties. Of late it has come to the notice that women who eat chocolate regularly tend to have more sex in comparison to women who do not eat chocolate.

By now from the discussion it is an obvious fact that there are various benefits of chocolate. Buying online is the best option as you are known to avail a pure version of the same and you can keep awa from adulterated  version.



How do I find the right commercial architecture firms?

Regardless of the building project: One or more architects supervise projects of all sizes and types from planning to completion. And where it is not easy to find a suitable partner for private projects, a team of commercial architecture experts is often required for commercial buildings. But how can you find the right architect?

Architects for every specialization

Cooperation with specialists is particularly relevant in the context of public buildings. Depending on the type and scope of the construction project, architects from very different areas are used: Architects are commissioned to advice and support all kinds of construction projects. You take on a variety of tasks within the project, from budgeting to the choice of materials. Interior designers deal with the planning and design of interior spaces.

The plan must take technical, economic, social, and ecological aspects into account. Open spaces are planned by landscape architects. Depending on the project, the order is limited to simple object planning (garden) or includes several sub-areas such as landscape planning and spatial planning. If several architects are required for a project, it is imperative to establish a functioning communication chain. This is the only way to plan and complete the project consistently. So, commercial architecture firms play a significant role here.

Architects for special matters

Architectural firms are often specialized in certain areas. This allows the client to find a partner who understands the unique requirements of the job. Depending on your construction project, it is possible to find a team of architects who can implement the individual requirements.

What makes a good architect?

However, specialization alone is not decisive for whether the architect is the right partner. A good agency is ready to cover a wide range of work. The more tasks are handled from a single source, the more efficient the project management.

The architect must engage with the client's wishes and requirements without losing sight of the essentials. Lay people often do not know what is possible, what is necessary, and what is merely perfect. The cost calculation also comes into play here. If this is taken over by the architect, the project can be budgeted precisely in all phases. Other possible areas of responsibility are:

       Obtaining regulatory approvals
       offer determination
       Tender evaluation
       Construction coordination
       Control of running costs

It is not only the professional competence that is decisive for the quality of architectural performance. Good architects can understand the overall concept and implement it visually. Individual wishes and project priorities must be taken into account. In this context, comprehensive advice is necessary. Architects who do not take the time to discuss building plans in detail are neither the first choice in private nor in the commercial environment.

Choose the right architect

The foundation stone for the selection process is laid before the first contact is made. The project manager must be clear about which services the partner should deliver. What are the priorities of the construction project? What skills are required? This allows you to filter in advance which candidates are eligible for the job.

Make the final choice

Be sure to contact enough agencies and individual architects to have three to five candidates after a rough selection. Compare these to be able to identify the respective advantages and weaknesses. Ideally, you end up with two or three partners who are at eye level. The final decision should then be on a personal level. For a comprehensive construction project, the developer spends a lot of time with the architects - if the chemistry is right, the construction works!



5 Tips to Avail a Home Construction Loan at Beneficial Terms

A property often requiresrenovation and repairs from time to time, and if anyone is going through a financial crisis, they may need to postpone their plans owing to such financial setbacks.That’s when home construction loans come into the picture.
Housing construction loans are short term home loans availed by individuals for construction or renovation of the property.Financial institutions or housing finance companies may disburse the funds directly to the contractor instead of the borrower depending upon the policies of the organization.However, one should take a few things into consideration before you get a home construction loan.

5 tips to avail property construction loan
·         Eligibility criteria of hom construction loans
A financerapproves construction loans after evaluating the eligibility criteria of the applicant. One can also check his/her eligibility via home loan eligibility calculator from trusted websites.
Some of the eligibility factors to have a construction loan approved are listed below –
1.      Involvement of a licensed builder: An individual should always go to a licensed builder for home construction purposes. A valid license of the builder and association of the builder with a reputed organization facilitates loan disbursal.
2.      Availability of certificate of commencement: An applicant of home construction loan should never get carried away by attractive brochures or just marketing from the builder. The applicant must have a proper agreement as well asacertificate of commencementfor protectionagainst legal problems which may come up without warning.Also, it helps the borrower to qualify for a property construction loan.
3.      Availability of detailed specifications to the loan provider: The lender needs to have all the details of the property such as floor plans, list of materials to be used for construction purposes, along with the blue book for loan eligibility.
·         Documents required
For a quick loan approval, an individual should provide valid documents. The lists of documents required for a construction loan mentioned below –
1.      Proof of unique identification – Aadhaar Card, Driving License, PAN, and Voter ID Card.
2.      Residential proof – Electricity bills and telephone bills, etc.
3.      Income statements details – Salary slip and bank statements.
4.      Property documents – certificate of commencement, blue book, an agreement between contractor and applicant.
5.      An applicant also needs to provide a cancelled cheque to validate his bank account.
·         Salient features and benefits of construction loans
1.      Flexible repayment tenor:Top housing finance companies providehome construction loans with flexible repayment tenor. One can make part prepayments or prepay the entire amount of credit according to their convenience.
2.      Quick loan disbursement: Enjoy fast and seamless loan disbursement procedure for construction loan provided one has valid documents and a good credit score.
3.      Tax benefits on construction loan: An individual can claim home loan tax benefits for under-construction properties under Section 80C, 80EEA, and Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act,1961.
4.      Nominal rate of interest: Construction loan interest rates are nominal compared to other unsecured loans.
·         How construction loans differ from home loans?
Although construction loans may appear similar to home loans, there is a difference between home loans and property construction loans. Some of them are listed below –
·         Purpose of loan: An individual avails home loans to purchase a property whereas the use of construction loans is solely for construction or renovation of the property.
·         Payment disbursal procedure: The whole home loanamount is a one-time disbursal process. In construction loan,disbursals are made in the form of instalments according to the progress of construction.
Availing home construction loans are beneficial as they are secured, and disbursals of the loan amount are made in instalments. One should be aware of all the terms of the loan and plan in advance to avoid any hindrance during the loan tenor.



The world of blockchain technology

The blockchain is a sharp development and the brainchild of an individual or group of individuals known by the known by the pseudonym, Nakamoto. By permitting advanced data to be conveyed yet not replicated, blockchain innovation made the foundation of another kind of internet. Initially conceived for the digital currency, bitcoin blockchain, the tech network has now discovered other potential uses for the innovation.

 A blockchain is in the most straightforward of terms, an arrangement of changeless records of information that is overseen by a group of computers not possessed by any single element. Every one of these blocks of data or information i.e. blocks is made sure about and bound to one another utilizing cryptographic standards i.e. chain.

The revolution of blockchain is the motivation behind why developing nations expect to turn destiny and becoming into strong economies. And so is the advantage is taken by blockchain companies in India. The blockchain is a straightforward yet brilliant method for passing data from A to B in a completely mechanized and safe way. 

One party to an exchange starts the procedure by developing a block. This block is confirmed by thousands and further a huge number of computers disseminated around the net. The confirmed block is added to a chain, which is put away over the net, making a unique record, but a unique record with a unique history.

As per Global Data's Thematic research report, the interest for cryptocurrencies has subsided by 20% during 2018 when contrasted with the earlier years. The explanation being organizations are wanting to deploy customary methodologies for their prior stage projects as opposed to going with blockchain innovation.

 Moreover, it is important to understand that blockchain innovation is turning into a broadly utilized system in defrauding and security laws infringement. Consequently, the rundown could likewise be useful as a safety effort with legitimate blockchain providers in India. A great many people think that blockchain and bitcoin can be utilized conversely, yet in reality, that is not the situation. 

Blockchain is the innovation equipped for supporting different applications identified with various businesses like finance, supply chain and so forth. However, bitcoin is a currency that depends on blockchain innovation to be secure. Blockchain is a rising technological innovation with numerous advantages in this digital world:

         Blockchain innovation utilizes a digital signature to direct fraud-free trading making it difficult to degenerate or change the information of a person by different clients without a particular digital signature.
         Blockchain innovation is programmable and can produce deliberate activities, occasions, and payments consequently when the certain criteria of the trigger are met.
         Ordinarily, one needs the endorsement of regulatory specialists like a legislature or bank for exchanges. However, with blockchain, exchanges are finished with the common accord of clients bringing about smoother, more secure, and quicker exchanges.
         Blockchain innovation can make a decentralized distributed system for associations or applications. It permits individuals to pay for things like toll charges, parking and so on.
         Blockchain innovation can be utilized as a protected stage for the healthcare services industry for the motivations behind putting away delicate patient information.



How online trading can be beneficial in the long run

Online trading is a concept of buying or selling shares via an online platform. Stocks, bonds or derivatives can be traded via an online route. Normally internet based broker’s drive these platforms and they go on to provide you with the best online trading platform in India. These options are available to each and every person who is looking to make money from the market. You can achieve all this without stepping out of the comfort of your home for a split second. In fact online trading has numerous benefits that are bestowed below

A convenient option

As far as online trading is concerned you have to open a trading account via an internet and then you are ready to go. There are no forms of restrictions till the point you are bound by time. Therefore online trading is accessible from any remote corner of the world. Considerable time is saved.

A cheaper option

In an online stock trading the fees that you have to shell out is a lot lower as compared to the traditional route of brokerage. If you are planning to invest in a major chunk of stocks you can even negotiate the fees of the broker.

The investments can be monitored anytime

By online trading you can buy or sell shares as per your convenience. In fact advanced interfaces are provided and an investor is able to figure out the amount of money they are earning during the day. To evaluate your profit or loss you can check on the computer or even on your mobile phone.

Middlemen are a thing of the past

With the aid of online trading you are able to trade virtually without any communication. Not only it goes on to reduce the overall cost of trading one of the major benefits is that it is a hassle free process. This tends to make the service a lot more lucrative.

Investor possess greater control

Online trader can indulge in trading whenever they wish to do so. In a traditional investment option a client appears to be stuck with an order till they are able to get in touch with a broker. By online broking regular transactions are provided. 

Apart from that an investor is able to review all the options rather than depending upon a broker who places bets for money. In a way they are able to monitor their investments, buy or sell stocks without any form of outside interference and ensure greater control over investment.

Last but not the least one of the major benefits of online trading is that it provides you with a fair understanding of your own money. 

Pretty much like a conventional form of stock trading where you are able to predict the risk along with fall of a particular stock. You are going to handle your finance and the onus is on your to take care of it. Over time you will become experienced on how to handle the market situations.



Steps That Must Be Taken to Ensure Personal Hygiene Among Students

Good personal hygiene is associated with various aspects of personality. Apart from creating health issues, poor personal hygiene practices can be detrimental to self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, a series of steps must be taken to ensure the overall development of a child. Some steps are mentioned below, which can be instrumental in providing a considerable boost to the health of a child.

Make it fun and exciting 

Children’s mind is more likely to learn habits when it is associated with fun and excitement. CBSE Schools in Sharjah are making efforts in incorporating some creativity to teach children necessary activities via fun methodologies.  

Frequent hand washing. 

Frequent hand washing is an integral aspect of good hygiene. To eliminate the chances of catching germs teach them that washing hands is an essential procedure, especially when they come from playgrounds and touching public surfaces. Additionally, show them how to wash their hands properly with antiseptic cleaners. 

Grooming of fingernails

One of the bacteria’s favourite places to reside is under fingernails. Actually, bacteria grow faster at such places. Such germs, then, attack the eyes, nose and mouth, and can make the child sick. Make sure that children’s fingernails are clipped regularly. 

Teach oral hygiene practices 

Brushing and flossing are skills that can only be improved after constant practice not only by teaching. So, help students to include these practices in their daily routine. Such habits must be instilled in children at an early age. And, it will happen only if the teacher educates the children about the importance of these two fundamental habits. 

Smart use of a tissue paper

As per the modern researches use of one time, use tissue papers are a safe and secure option when compared with a handkerchief. So, encourage students to minimize the use of the scarf or any cloth for hygiene, especially in school. Place the tissues at places like washrooms and eating tables.

Maintain cleanliness of toys in the playroom 

Junior and kindergarten students love to carry their stuffed toy and blanket everywhere. These toys catch germs very easily. Presently, even kindergarten classrooms are full of such toys. Therefore, Sharjah Private School needs to check that all the toys are properly cleaned and are germ-free. 

Cleaned classroom furniture 

Students spend most of their time in classrooms. So, classrooms should be adequately scrubbed with cleaners and antiseptics. Such steps must be considered to make the environment bug-free.

Gentle dealing with illness 

Numerous institutions prefer academic excellence over the health of the students. Schools in Sharjah, need to make policies that ensure that only healthy students attend schools and participate in sports activities. It will promote the idea of being healthy among students. 

Make them aware of bad habits

Making students aware of less-than-perfect hygiene practices can make a world of difference in improving the situation. Hence, schools must educate the children via projectors which can show the entire procedure of self-hygiene operations. It would be more convenient and effective, as well. Because, in this technological era, students prefer learning through visuals rather than just cramming the material.

Though stories work wonders in conveying life-changing lessons to students, but compelling visuals can also assist in making the student aware of all the bad habits such as improper hand washing and not clipping of fingernails.


Aforementioned practices can dramatically help the Indian Schools in sharjah to maintain cleanliness in the school and facilitate knowledge of basic practices. Such education gives ideal citizens who understand the responsibilities and play their role honestly. And the institutions are the places that have the potential of making great people, celebrities, leaders and whatnot; therefore, they must deploy these exercises in their daily teachings and make them great students.