Force Majeure Events in Construction and Their Resolution

Construction industry and projects face a variety of challenges and issues. Some of these challenges are not foreseen, predictable, and even controllable; therefore, they are termed as force majeure events. The term means superior force, which is beyond the control of human beings, before and after it has taken place.

Although force majeure events are unpredictable, they cause significant loss to the construction projects. Delay is a common matter in case of such an issue. However, the involved parties often have to face the challenges of claims, which waste more of their time and resources. So, before turning to the resolution of the issue, it is important to explore the types of such issues.

This article will help you explore force majeure events, their types, and resolution strategies in detail, so keep reading to know better.

Top 5 Types of Force Majeure Events in Construction Projects

Force majeure events are quite common in construction projects. They occur in one or the other way and end up delaying the progress of work and causing a dispute among the involved parties. Some issues are more severe than others, so exploring them is important to know the depth of the problem.

The following are some of the common types of force majeure events that can halt the progress of the construction projects.

1.      Unforeseen Legislator Changes

The first type of force majeure event that can impact the progress of the construction projects is unforeseen legislator changes. Construction is an important process that involves a number of rules and regulations. In addition to it, the construction parties are involved in the business, so business laws also impact them.

Generally, legislator changes are applicable to a significant term. The concerned parties are given a time limit to comply with it. However, if they fail to understand and comply with the law, then they can face numerous issues and challenges.

2.      Adverse Weather Conditions

The second type of force majeure event, which is quite common, is adverse weather conditions. Heavy rainfall cannot be considered an adverse condition until it continues longer than expected and causes severe loss to the project.

Adverse weather conditions occur in countries like the UAE, where hurricanes destroy the construction projects. It gives rise to the claim issues, and the involved parties acquire the services of construction claim consultants in Dubai to resolve their issues and ensure smooth completion of the project.

3.      Civil Unrest Conditions

The third type of force majeure event that is not quite common is civil unrest conditions. This issue is more prevalent in countries with unstable political conditions. The situation can become serious to the point of lockdown and halt the progress of every field of life.

In such a scenario, no party is to be blamed for the delay or other issues in the construction process. The issue can lead the parties to claims, which require expert guidance for resolution.

4.      Worker Strikes

Another important type of force majeure event in the construction projects is the workers strike. The issue can occur due to the unsatisfactory working conditions or failing to comply with the demands of the workers. They may demand an increase in their wages or change in work conditions.

No matter the issue, the strike of workers will halt the progress of work for an indefinite time period. The owners of the project or contractors can file a claim on each other for improper handling of the issue and end up facing more losses. 

5.      Epidemic or Pandemic

Lastly, an important type of force majeure events that can take place in construction projects is the occurrence of an epidemic or pandemic. Both conditions have the potential of halting the progress of the project for an indefinite period of time.

The pandemic, like the coronavirus, can impact the damages in the worst manner, due to its large scale occurrence. It can cause issues of supply of materials and products which are imported. Still, no party can be blamed for the issue but face the challenge of claims.

How to resolve claims due to force majeure events?

Controlling the force majeure events is not in the control of human beings. Therefore, it is better to lie low and wait for better times. On the other hand, the involved parties can play their role in resolving the issue of worker strike, if it is in their control.

In the case of facing claims, due to such issues, it is better to consult the expert services for resolution. You can acquire the services of construction claim consultants in Dubai and ensure to resolve the issue in the light of present conditions and legal procedures. You can also ensure to save your time and resources by not indulging in legal handling but relying on experts for resolution.

So, try to keep your calm and consult the professionals to resolve your claim issues, instead of indulging in the blame game and wasting your time and resources.

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