Selecting Right Graded Plastic for Pharmaceutical Packing Purpose

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Plastic is considered as main raw material for manufacturing packing bottles within the pharmaceutical field. As compared to glass or any other material, plastic tablet containers offer numerous benefits. The selection still has to be made wisely as the material will come in direct contact with the pharmaceutical product.

·         Before selecting it is important to focus on the toxicity level of the plastic used.
·         In most cases, plastic is considered safe to use the material for pharmaceutical formulations, as it is non-reactive.
·         The selection has to be based on mold techniques that will be used for manufacturing containers.
So, before you select, it is advisable to look into the risk and benefits of each material that is available in the market.

Ideal material selection
For pharmaceutical needs, it is important to focus on the rigidity of the plastic material selected. You have to keep in mind that the containers will be used for packing capsules and tablets or liquids. It should be rigid enough to offer the right level of protection.

Sterility is also an important factor to consider. The containers should be easy to sterile before storing tablets. If the plastic container will be used for storing human blood samples, then it should be perfectly sterile.

Organic properties
It is certain that for pharmaceutical use, it is advisable to make a selection of organic plastic material. These are usually decomposed type and made up of organic ingredients as raw materials. Monomer plastics are generally not advisable to be used for storing tablets and capsules.

Even if you need to take a sample of human blood still the packing material should be non-reactive type. The material selected should be completely free from toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients.

Formulation ingredients
The moment you are selecting plastic material for pharmaceutical use, it is important to focus on the formulation ingredients. The plastic material that will be used should be non-absorbent type. This will ensure that it does not absorb any ingredients from the tables that will be stored in it.

Thermoplastic material
As far as pharmaceutical uses are concerned, thermoplastics are always considered as the best material. They are non-reactive type. As far as rigidity is concerned, thermoplastics are more rigid. Before the process of packing it is important to allow the material to cool down to room temperature.

Apart from this thermoplastic is also the best material if it has to be frozen. But they should generally not be frozen for a longer time as they will easily crack.

As far as quality is concerned, thermosets are the best material for use on pharmaceutical packing. They offer with advantage as they can withstand extreme temperature conditions. So if the blood sample has to be stored then it is obvious that thermosets are a better option.

They can withstand heat and cold temperatures alike. Another major advantage is that this material can also be decomposed when treated at a very high temperature. You have to ensure that you have just selected the right packing material that meets the requirements.

Avoid selecting tablet containers that are non-durable type and easily break. The packing material should also be lightweight.

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