Bulk Firewood - Making the Best Deals

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If you are one of those people who have extensive use of firewood, then it’s safe to say that you must be looking for a good deal on bulk firewood NSW.

Like most things, the more firewood one buys, the more economically viable it becomes.

For some it is easier to simply cut down firewood and use it, but sometimes, when life gets way too busy, it’s easier to head out and purchase it.

While purchasing firewood, one should focus on two things - the price, as well as the quality. Getting a good deal on good quality firewood is one way of making sure that the effort of not collecting firewood by yourself is justified.

Bulk Firewood For Sale

In order to get firewood that offers value for money and usability, it is important to choose a firewood box for sale that has seasoned and dried firewood. The ideal moisture content for this type of wood is less 20 percent, so that it burns easily and steadily. A wet piece of firewood, or anything with too much moisture, will smoke more than it will burn.

A firewood moisture meter is one device that enables you to calculate the amount of moisture present in firewood. In case one has to do without such a device, here are some pointers to identify seasoned, dry firewood-

1. The first indication of seasoned firewood is the look - the exterior should seem gray, brittle and weathered. 
2. There are also cracks that form on the ends of the logs that indicate dryness.
3. When you hold a piece of such a wood,  it should feel lighter than a fresh piece of firewood that is green.

Why only burn seasoned firewood?

It is always better to burn seasoned firewood simply because it is more efficient to do so. Such firewood generates the most heat, and it takes less time to burn.

Moreover, using seasoned firewood decreases the possibility of having a build up of creosote in the chimney.

When we buy wet, green firewood, it is important to remember that it needs time to dry off. It will not burn easily as soon as a match is struck. Burning green firewood can be a chore, and the result will inevitably be a bit of fire that is hard to light, one that smokes up and smolders instead of burning at all.

The Cost of Bulk Firewood NSW

When it comes to the cost and pricing of firewood, you’ll notice that different places have different rates for firewood.

Depending on the place, one can get the best possible deal by simply asking the supplier. By purchasing bulk firewood for sale from the same dealer a couple of times, one can establish familiarity and good will, and then ask for discounts on large orders of firewood.

Handling the Firewood

Once the firewood has been chopped into smaller pieces, there is the mess of sawdust and little bits of wood lying around that needs to be cleared up. It is therefore wise to not do the chopping in a backyard or the front lawn, and instead pick an open field for this purpose.