Bus accident injury lawyer

Bus accidents are catastrophic events which is extremely serious and fatal at the same time. The growth of urban areas in California has lead to a huge growth of schools and transport vehicles, both private and public. Greater the traffic, more are the chances of accidents. 

These accidents do not take place on regular basis but when it happens, it is important to seek legal help. If you have been a victim of a bus crash, you should hire an attorney for evaluating the injuries. Bus accident injury compensations include claims for wrongful deaths, lost wages, medical expense, rehabilitation, loss of consortium, wages that has been lost during recovery and pain and suffering.

Bus accidents are serious and they cause severe injuries

 The consequences of bus accidents are severe which has both financial and emotional effects not only on the drivers but also on the passengers inside the vehicle. The California legal system ensures that if the accident has been caused by negligence of a third party, then anyone affected by the accident has the right to take legal action for the same. It is only an attorney who can understand if your claims are valid and if it is, then he can negotiate with the defendants and the insurance companies to allow you to get deserving compensations.

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What you should do after a bus accident?

The very first thing that you should do is seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Ask the medical professionals to evaluate your injuries thoroughly so that it can be shown as evidence when you claim for the compensation.

Next, you should contact a reputable attorney or if you are in a serious condition, your family members can appoint an attorney who has an adequate experience in handling bus accident cases. There are various regulations as far as bus accidents are concerned so it is only a lawyer who can evaluate which regulation is applicable to your case. Also, there is something called statute of limitations within which the claims have to be made. In California, the statute of limitation is 2 years.  If the case has been against a government entity, then the time limit is very short. Cases should only be entrusted to those who not only has a proper experience but also has a higher winning percentage.

Who can be held responsible for the accident?

A complex revision of the case will be done by the attorneys to find out who can be held liable for the accident. Gathering evidences in bus accidents are complex than the normal car accidents. This is quite obvious as multiple parties are involved in it. In bus accident situations, the damages that you have suffered may not be because of the fault of the driver. As a part of the legal process, the evidences are collected to find out who is liable for the damages. 

Multiple parties can be held responsible for the damages depending on the unique factors. Most of the times, it has been found that the drivers have violated the traffic rules. When a driver’s negligence has been responsible, it will be the bus company who will be held liable because they are the ones who have hired them as their employee.

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