Choose The Best Engagement Rings: Black Diamond

Engagement is very precious for a couple, and it becomes essential to get the engagement ring right. We need to know that what is fit for the engagement purpose. Diamonds are very precious; everyone cannot purchase this. Many stones are alternative to diamonds like aquamarine, morganite, and much other stone. Black diamonds are related to various other unique and unusual stones in the world. The black stone displays a different and charming beauty that has given a distinct vintage look to the men and women. Apart from this status, black diamond’s can be found in many jewelry creations and can be a unique part.

Black diamond is various and unique concepts. Apart from jewelry, the black diamond is in use of multiple other users. The black diamond is had that white diamond and is used in many industries. The black diamond is a piece of traditional fine jewelry and is also known for the modern and contemporary creations. The black diamond’s have various shades and can also be included in wedding rings.

History Behind Black Diamond

The black diamond was never in the mind of people unless a few movies came up with black diamonds. Avid use of this stone by few Hollywood celebrities in movies and events makes this tone more popular too. Since then, black diamonds are in huge demand. People believe that the black diamond is not easily found, they have a misconception in this, and black diamond is easily found rather than pink and yellow diamonds. Diamond, when occurring naturally, then it is known as dry.  There are various materials in the black diamond, which makes it cheap. Instead of having such a charming feature, black stones are comparatively found less in nature than aquamarine or morganite stones. A black diamond might not be that expensive, but it is exclusive and is the best gift by nature.

What are Black Diamonds?

Many have had that luck to see what black diamonds are, but many are still in dreams about what exactly is black diamonds. The answer is secure, and black diamonds are unique and precious stones in the world. The availability of a black diamond is totally dependant upon nature's availability of resources. Black diamonds may range up to $5000 per carat. It is one of the precious stones and can be used for the best jewelry concepts.

The common factor between black diamonds and color fewer diamonds is, by words, they mean the same, but there are some differences. Black diamond has a larger quantity of graphite, thus making it darker. The natural black diamonds have polycrystalline minerals. This helps in giving the diamond its black beauty with no reflection in it. Therefore the only difference between white diamond and black diamond is the presence of graphite in black diamonds.

Types of black stones

 Mainly there are two types of black stones namely Diamonds that are created by nature and Diamonds that go through pressure heat treatment. Naturally caused black diamond and human-made has a massive difference in value. If seen regularly, you will not be able to find any difference between these two types of stone. Generally, it is difficult to find out the natural diamond and the heat pressure diamonds.

How rare is a black diamond?

Black diamonds are found in one continent, mainly, South America. Genuine black diamonds means naturally caused black diamonds, are very rarely found. These black diamonds are very precious. The natural black diamond can cost around $3000 to $5000 per carat. The natural black diamond costs ten times more than the human-made diamonds. The heated black diamond costs $300 per carat. So now you know the difference.

Black diamonds are fantastic for fine jewelry. They are very versatile and can be used in many concepts of jewelry. As the black diamonds are rarely found; thus, this is used in luxurious and exclusive jewelry making. Black diamonds are used in various dark and edgy designs. Black diamonds goes well with all kind of metals, especially with the rose gold and yellow. Yellow and rose gold is used the maximum time for preparing jewelry with black diamonds.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings: Token of Love

There are no rules made for making engagement rings, weddings, or proposals. Rings are just a token of love. So yes, of course, you can use black diamonds for your engagement ring purpose. In the end, it's your personal choice.

If you have a craze for black, then you can defiantly go for black diamonds for your engagement. The black diamond engagement rings will set a unique example in between the 1000’s. After all, all the stones or diamonds show the love and affection for your partner.

The black diamond needs special care. The scratches might not be visible to you, but when you take a closer look, you will be able to see fine lines over the stone. After wearing the stone for 5 to 6 times, it is mandatory to clean the stone and keep it in a different box. If the black diamond is maintained with all other jewelry, then it might get more scratches. People who have an active lifestyle should wear less black diamonds as your hand might bump into things, and you might lose your diamond.

End Note

A black diamond is not a good selection for investment because it’s value will never increase in the increase of time. Black diamonds are available in various ranges, so it is never a problem for people to buy. Before buying, you will have to be very careful, and you will need the help of an excellent jewelry shop to get the best of it. No matter what the price, you will have emotions with it. May it be engagement purpose or in general people love diamond. People will buy wholeheartedly.

Various culture states black diamonds as by different images. Few might think it is not suitable for positive activity and few beliefs it is a gift of god, and few states it as Yama, the god of death. According to your belief you may choose black diamond engagement rings else go for some other stone.

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