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Colouring your hair is alluring and very fun, but you also need to take care of your hair after you have coloured it, because you do not want your hair colour to be ruined after all that effort. Before we started having the funky, crazy and downright fun colours coming up, we had the patent brown and black, which was good for a while till people got bored. While you can now enjoy some amazing colours making sure you have the right shampoo is important for you to follow. Crazy colour pink shampoo is perfect for you if you have coloured it a whacky colour.

Here are some easy ways to manage your coloured hair.
1.     HAIR PREP
If you have decided you want to colour your hair, then you should be sure that you have started working on your moisturizing your hair. Healthy hair is better because it won’t dry out as much. It will be a better base to put colour on. 2-3 months prior to colouring your hair, start oiling your hair more frequently. Use hair masks to moisturize and nourish your hair. Avoid any styling in your hair. Use sulphate-free shampoos to help keep your hair’s moisturize and strands intact.
Right dyes are essential to your hair having the colour for longer and for it to not make your hair very dry.For example if you use a developer with a volume of 40 on blonde hair then you will in all earnestness burn your hair, because it its already so light. Choose a developer volume based on how light or dark your hair is. Use products which have no ammonia. Make sure you wash your hair with a sulphate-free and salt free shampoo like crazy colour pink shampoo.
Make sure you do a patch test before you start colouring your hair. This ensures if you have any allergies to that particular colour or developer. It also helps you realize how much colour you would require to get the desired colour. If this is your first time colouring your hair, we recommend going to a salon and using crazy colour hair dye. They come in whacky colours and have great results.
Shampooing right after you colour is a big NO. This will help your colour set in and make sure that colour bleeding will minimize as much as possible. Oiling before washing is great because it creates a protective layer and helps your colour be longer lasting.
A trim after you have dyed your hair makes sure that the ends which are damaged are gone. This will ensure that your hair isn’t damaged further. Many a times when you colour your hair, especially a lighter colour your damaged ends are more likely to be seen.
The right products insure that your hair colour will not bleed. It will form a protective layer around your hair and also retain moisture in your hair. The crazy colour pink shampoo is one such option which is sulphate-free and salt-free. It will help your hair lock in the moisture and also prevent your hair from falling or becoming brittle.
Colour will always bleed. So, lessen the frequency of your hair washes. It can also retain your hair’s lustre and shine because the natural oils will make sure your hair has more nourishment.
Hot water is your hair’s enemy always. It dries your hair out and exposes your cuticle. Hence always rinse your hair off with old water, even if you plan to wash your hair with warm water, always rinse with cold because it helps close the cuticles and your roots.
Leave-in conditioners are a great decision because they have silicones that help form a protective layer over your hair. This will help your colour from fading due to sun damage or even pollution. It also helps lock in moisture.
Colouring is a great way to change the way you feel or look. It helps you become more adventurous and it is a great change to have. We recommend the crazy colour hair dye.


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